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Rare Rice Pulao Recipes From India


Indians just love to eat rice. Whether you are in the North or South, East or West of the country, you can always count on finding some delicious pulao recipes. Indian rice recipes are known for their different flavours. Some of these rice pulao recipes are extravagant like the biryanis and shahi pulaos. But the regular rice pulao recipes are usually cooked with single kind of spice or ingredient for flavouring.

We know you won't find time to make shahi pulao every day. But some rice pulao recipes are so easy that they can be prepared on a regular basis at home. These Indian rice recipes are part of our daily menus. For example, ghee rice is not a pulao recipe. It is just a simple Indian rice recipe that belongs to the kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers.

You will not find these simple rice pulao recipes in any posh restaurant menus. They are usually a part of native culinary skills that are passed down from one generation to the next. Boldsky has put together a list of the most delectable but simple rice pulao recipes. This list contains both North and South Indian recipes.

Here are some rare rice pulao recipes that you will not find in any cookery book.


Ghee Rice Malabar

This Malabar style recipe comes from the coastal regions of Kerala. The special feature in this ghee rice recipe is the fried dry fruits and vegetables that are added to it.


Jeera Rice

The main flavour of jeera rice is cumin and that doesn't change even in the microwave recipe. You have to mix cumin seeds with rice to make this easy Indian recipe. However, the microwave recipe helps you cut down on the amount of ghee.


Pomegranate Curd Rice

This Indian side dish is prepared with curd, rice, milk and pomegranate. It is sweet, tangy and delicious. Check out the healthy curd rice recipe.


Corn Masala Rice

Corn masala rice is a special dish that is meant for dieters. Corn masala rice is low in fats and cholesterol. This makes it an ideal dish to stay in shape.


Coconut Rice

An amateur cook can try preparing coconut rice as it is a very easy and simple recipe. Ingredients like cashews, green chillies and curry leaves are basically used in the preparation of coconut rice.


Pineapple Rice

Pineapple rice is prepared by using all kind of spices including mint leaves or pudina. Although a vegetarian recipe, pineapple rice goes well with grilled chicken and fried prawns.


Clove Rice

Clove rice is a simple recipe that can be prepared in a very little time. It is a very simple main course recipe that you can try at home. This rice recipe tastes best with a spicy side dish.


Vangi Bhath or Brinjal Rice

Vangi Bhath or rice cooked with brinjal is a traditional South Indian recipe. Vangi bhath is most commonly seen as a part of the Karnataka cuisine.


Mango Pulao

Mango pulao is tangy and can also be spicy depending on the preference of the chef. If you are making mango pulao for kids, then it is better to make it sweet and sour.


Curry Fried Rice

Curry fried rice is a simple fried rice recipe whereby a little flavour of the exotic curry leaves is added to the rice recipe. The main flavour in this recipe comes from the curry leaves. You may use the whole leaves or just a powder of dried curry leaves in this rice recipe.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 28, 2013, 10:31 [IST]