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15 Minutes Spicy Curd Rice Recipe
The summers are torrid in India and the only way to help cool ourselves is with the right type of food. Drinking a lot of water too helps in cooling the body and waving off the temperature. This afternoon we present ...
Fifteen Minutes Spicy Curd Rice Recipe

15 Minute Tomato Rice With Peas Recipe
Tomato rice also known as tomato bath is a famous dish in South India. This sweet and spicy rice recipe is simple, quick and easy to prepare. While preparing this delicious rice treat, keep in mind to chop the tomatoes ...
Palak Pulao Recipe For Navratri Fasting
Navratri means nine days of fasting and restricted diet. It is not so easy to cook with restricted ingredients. That is why; you need a wide variety of Navratri recipes in your kitty so that you don't get bored with the ...
Palak Pulao Recipe For Navratri Fasting
Thalassery Biriyani Recipe For Ramzan
If you are not a real foodie, all biryanis will taste the same to you. After all, it is only meat cooked with rice. However, it takes a real biriyani lover to appreciate the subtle difference of taste in different types ...
Mashkoul: Rice With Onions Recipe For Ramzan
The holy month of Ramadan is about to begin. Devoted Muslims all over the world will be fasting for Ramzan and will break their fast after sundown everyday. So, you will need some quick and easy Ramzan recipes up your sleeve ...
Mashkoul Rice With Onions Recipe For Ramzan
Exotic Mexican Red Rice With Salsa
There is a lot of similarities between Indian and Mexican food. For example, both cuisines use lots of tomatoes and have similar spices. Besides, both Indians and Mexicans are big rice eaters. That is why the Mexican red rice is a ...
Exotic Mexican Red Rice With Salsa
Mughlai Mutton Pulao Recipe For Ramzan
Ramzan is the holy month of fasting for Muslims. This month is associated with many delicacies with which the day long fast is broken. Mughali mutton pulao is one such dish. This Mughali recipe owes its origin to the royal kitchens ...
Mutton Rice With Peas Recipe
If you love to prepare rice recipes then you are in luck. We have just the right dish for you. You may have tried many different rice recipes like pulaos and biryanis, but have you ever tried the special mutton curry ...
Mutton Rice With Peas Recipe
Special Kabuli Pulao For Vegetarians
As the name suggests, Kabuli pulao is obviously comes to us from across the border. This special rice recipe from Kabul, Afghanistan is originally cooked with meat. But many Indian do not eat non-vegetarian food. Thus, we have improvised an Indian ...
Special Kabuli Pulao For Vegetarians
Jackfruit Biryani: Vegetarian Rice Recipe
Biryani is one dish which is an all time favourite of most of us. We are familiar with chicken or egg or mutton biryani. But what about jackfruit biryani? Yes, now vegetarians also have an option of relishing the delicious dish ...
Rare Rice Pulao Recipes From India
Indians just love to eat rice. Whether you are in the North or South, East or West of the country, you can always count on finding some delicious pulao recipes. Indian rice recipes are known for their different flavours. Some of ...
Rare Rice Pulao Recipes
Brown Rice Idli for Diabetics: Breakfast Recipe
All of us are well aware of the numerous health benefits of brown rice but we do not really know how to include it in our daily cooking. Moreover, people generally hesitate to make brown rice a part of their diet ...
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