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7 Refreshing Watermelon Recipes For Summer

The monstrous summer is back. The heat outside is becoming unbearable with every passing day. It is extremely crucial to keep your body cool in this sweltering heat. Drinking water and juices are important if you want to prevent dehydration. Apart from that eating fruits and vegetables which contain lot of water also helps to keep your body cool and prevents dehydration.

One such fruit which is found abundantly during the summer season is the red and juicy watermelon. Watermelons have a high water content. It helps to keep your body cool and meets up the water requirement to fight the high temperatures. Watermelon is also a fruit which the kids love to relish. The attractive red colour of this tasty and juicy fruit is enough to tempt your picky eaters so you do not have to break your head to make them eat it.


To make watermelon all the more interesting, Boldsky brings to you a list of seven mouthwatering watermelon recipes which is sure to give your taste-buds a chilling thrill. So, check out these 7 refreshing watermelon recipes for summer.


Melon Melody

Why not enjoy watermelons this season with a different punch? Perfect for your child's taste buds and also for gatherings, melon melody is a tasty and attractive punch which actually reminds us of a martini drink.


Watermelon & Sesame Seeds Salad

Sesame seeds are very healthy seeds. Have them in your diet daily to fight against diseases and stay energetic whole day. Watermelon salad with sesame seeds is a healthy fruit salad.


Watermelon Popsicle

If you are organising a summer party, make sure your menu includes a variety of summer special recipes. Get in ice creams and golas to beat the summer heat and refresh everyone's mood. Also include summer fruits such as mangoes, watermelon and lichis, in your menu. Try one such summer recipe of watermelon popsicles to brush up everyone in your party.


Watermelon Punch

Watermelons are great fruits for diet as they contain more water and help in improving digestion. It is always better to eat fruits directly rather than making its juice. Make a note on how to prepare the tasty watermelon punch recipe.


Watermelon Smoothie With Yogurt

You can prepare lip smacking smoothies using the water-rich watermelon. Blend the red juicy fruit with yogurt and prepare a delicious summer drink. The smoothie is healthy as well. Watermelon is rich in water which keeps you hydrated and yogurt on the other side is rich in calcium and healthy bacteria which aids digestion.


Masala Watermelon Juice

If you are one of the fruit juice lovers, then here is a simple watermelon juice recipe prepared in Indian style. The masala watermelon juice has aromatic spices like cumin seeds powder, chaat masala which makes it a tangy yet sweet beverage. Take a look.


Watermelon Cheese Kebab

You might think that watermelon and cheese might not be a good combination. But, these ingredients can be used together not just to make salads but to prepare amazing kebabs! Who says that kebabs are only delicious when they are made with chicken or meat? You can make vegetable kebab with watermelons.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 18:11 [IST]
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