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The Best Home-Made Energy Drink Recipe Is Here!
Coconut water makes the best natural energy drink as it is enriched in vitamins, electrolyte content and low in calories. After exercising heavily and because of subsequent sweating, the body tends to lose electrolytes rapidly. That's when drinks rich in electrolytes ...
The Best Home Made Energy Drink Recipe

10 Reasons To Drink Jaljeera This Summer Season
Summers are already here, and so are the handcarts selling chilled jaljeera water. During childhood, you would rush to the handcart selling jaljeera water, isn't it? Even now, you will often spot them lined along the streets amongst a bustling crowd ...
Reasons To Drink Jaljeera This Summer Season
Beware! Your Drinking Glasses Can Be Toxic
You might get allured by the colourful enamelled glasses in the market and buy them without any second thought. But, did you know that these glasses can be harmful for your health. Well, yes. A new study has found that enamelled ...
Drinking Glasses Can Be Toxic
Phalsa Sharbat Recipe: How To Prepare Phalsa Cooler At Home
Resembling black currents, phalsas are also small berries that are enjoyed and consumed by a very small portion of the Indian household. Available only in the summer months, phalsa is one of the very refreshing and healthy fruits that surely needs ...
Phalsa Sharbat
One Ultimate Drink To Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain
Our body is a complex system of bones, muscles and nerves. All of them work together seamlessly and serve us good throughout our lives. The human body is mainly made up of protein, which degenerates over time. This is the reason ...
Natural Drink For Arthritis Pain
Natural Drink For Muscle Recovery After Workout
You keep looking at all the toned men and women in fashion magazines, on the television or in the movies and you also want to attain that flawless figure, right? If yes, then it is a very good habit to get ...
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