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One Ultimate Drink To Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain

By Shabana

Our body is a complex system of bones, muscles and nerves. All of them work together seamlessly and serve us good throughout our lives.

The human body is mainly made up of protein, which degenerates over time. This is the reason why old people have more health issues than the younger lot.

The degeneration of bones and joints is common among the elderly. Our bones start losing calcium as we age. Also our muscles start deteriorating leading to aches in the joints. This problem is very common among aged people. It is called arthritis.

Arthritis is a collective pain in the joints of the body which make it difficult to move. The joints become stiff and redness and swelling is noticed. This decreases the range of motion of these joints and causes problems in movement of hands and feet.

This mainly happens due to the wear and tear of tissues and muscles over the years. Arthritis may also be genetic in nature, or due to other factors such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, or extreme involvement in sports.

Arthritis used to be a common problem among the elderly but of late it is affecting the young adults as well.

There are several treatment options available for arthritis. However, of all, natural remedies have always been the best.

Whatever the reason may be, there is a natural remedy to help you get rid of arthritis pain. The juice of cucumber and turmeric is said to be very effective in treating arthritis pain to a great extent.

Cucumber has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the pain. It also contains a chondoprorective agent which is known to repair cartilages by stimulating anabolic metabolism which inhibits the onset of arthritis.

The anti-oxidants in it also decrease free radical damage to the joints. Its juice is known to effectively treat injury to soft tissues and joints.

Turmeric is rich in a natural ingredient called curcumin that reduces inflammation and stiffness of joints. There is enough evidence to claim this as well. Regular intake of turmeric is known to effectively prevent the onset of arthritis altogether.

Here is an amazing juice that has both these ingredients. So drink your way to better joint health all lifelong.


-1 cucumber

-1 inch fresh turmeric root

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-Few drops of vanilla extract


  • Cut the cucumber into pieces without removing its peel.
  • Add the turmeric root to it.
  • Add the ingredients into a juicer and blend. Add water if required.
  • Add the vanilla extract and drink it.
  • It is recommended that you drink this juice at least twice a day for fast relief from arthritis pain.

Well, if your arthritis is due to obesity, then losing weight along with consuming this juice will help you get rid of arthritis pain.

Also, including exercise in your daily routine will keep your muscles and joints healthy.

If arthritis runs in your family, then following a healthy diet and regular intake of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant foods will put you at lesser risk of developing it yourself.

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