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7 Effective Natural Remedies To Help Treat Oedema
Oedema occurs when excess fluid gets accumulated in the body's tissues, especially in the hands, feet, arms, ankles and legs. This causes swelling and discomfort. Oedema can happen as a result of pregnancy, medication, congestive heart failure, kidney disease or liver ...
Home Remedies For Edema

15 Natural Remedies For Hearing Loss
Hearing loss is a chronic disability neglected by many people across the world due to its delayed visibility in one's life. Around 360 million people worldwide suffer from this disability which equals 5.3% of the world's population. The treatment for ...
6 Natural Ways To Remove A Splinter
Did your foot ever get pierced by a splinter? If yes, you know the throbbing and irritation that come along with it. Walking barefoot on thorns, wood shavings or other debris can cause piercing of the skin. Taking the splinters out ...
Natural Ways To Remove Splinter From The Skin
9 Natural Remedies To Ease The Symptoms Of Motion Sickness
Motion sickness is pretty common, especially when you travel by car, train, plane or boat. It is caused by the repeated motion from a vehicle that disturbs the inner ear, causing a sensation of dizziness, nausea, or light-headedness. The symptoms of ...
10 Natural Remedies To Treat Jaundice
Your liver is an important organ of the body. It works by removing toxins and damaged blood cells out of the body and aids the body in processing the nutrients from food and turn them into energy. The liver secretes an ...
Natural Remedies To Cure Jaundice
10 Amazing Ways In Which Eggs Benefit Your Skin & Hair
Eggs are a great source of proteins, fats and essential nutrients and they not only play an important role to maintain good health but benefit your skin and hair as well. {desc_1} All of us desire beautiful, soft skin and healthy, ...
10 Natural Remedies For Lowering Back Pain
Backache or back pain is a common condition that people of all age groups suffer. Millions of people around the world experience back pain problems at some point in their lives. The strenuous activities that one has to do these days ...
Home Remedies For Back Pain
10 Natural Remedies For Various Skin Issues
Skin issues are common among all of us. From acne to pigmentation, we face a myriad of skin issues and the hunt to look for remedies to treat these issues seems never-ending. However, the best way to deal with these issues ...
8 Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability to keep and get a firm erection during sexual intercourse. Having erectile dysfunction (ED) from time to time isn't a problem, but if it's an ongoing problem, then it becomes a concern. Many factors like ...
Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction
Natural Remedies To Treat Boils On The Inner Thighs
With boils on your inner thighs, it might become difficult to carry out your daily activities. The pain and irritation that these small bumps cause can make you feel terrible. Boils occur when the hair follicles are infected by bacteria. These ...
Egg Masks To Treat Frizzy And Dull Hair
Who wouldn't love to have those silky smooth long tresses? But several reasons like lifestyle, pollution, etc., have made our hair look frizzy, dull and damaged. Lack of protein leads to damaged hair and it will stop the hair from growing. ...
Egg Masks To Treat Frizzy And Dull Hair
Home Remedies To Treat Rashes On Skin
Rashes on the body can be due to several reasons; but, most importantly, it is a sign of unhealthy skin. Some common reasons for redness of the skin include reactions to chemicals, allergies, sunburn and even genetics. Skin rashes can even ...
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