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10 Reasons To Drink Jaljeera This Summer Season

By Neha Ghosh

Summers are already here, and so are the handcarts selling chilled jaljeera water. During childhood, you would rush to the handcart selling jaljeera water, isn't it?

Even now, you will often spot them lined along the streets amongst a bustling crowd quenching the thirst of many. In this article, you will come to know the benefits of drinking jaljeera this summer season.

The jaljeera drink is stored in a giant matka wrapped with a cloth to keep it cool and it is served garnished with mint, coriander leaves, and some masala. It is very refreshing and rejuvenates you with an instant boost of energy.

Cumin is one of the main essential ingredients of this spiced beverage, but you should not confuse it with plain cumin water. Jaljeera is a drink, spiced with a combination of roasted cumin powder, ginger powder, herbs like coriander and mint, garam masala, chilli powder, pepper and black salt. To give the drink a slightly sour flavour, some people even use a bit of tamarind or dry mango powder.

Jaljeera is traditionally served in summers. It is also good to drink it before a meal, as it can build your appetite and activate your taste buds and digestive juices.

Here are 10 reasons to drink jaljeera water this summer season

1. A Natural Coolant In Summers

Jaljeera can be had to prevent the effect of scorching heat and rapidly excessive perspiration caused due to heat. In such kind of situations, jaljeera comes of a great help because it is considered to being a natural coolant. The benefit of it being a natural coolant is that it cools your system and keeps the body hydrated. Also, it perfectly balances the electrolyte and fluids in the body.

2. Natural Nutritional Supplement

Jaljeera along with being a natural detoxifier, natural coolant and electrolyte balancer, it is also a natural nutritional supplement too. Jaljeera supplies certain essential minerals like magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, manganese and zinc which help in maintaining body's nutritional supplement dose and that too without any side effects.

3. Natural Body Detoxifier In Summers

Jaljeera is also a natural body detoxifier, as it is made from all the natural ingredients, which are natural body cleansers. These ingredients help in clearing the toxins out of the body and hence make jaljeera a natural detoxifier. Peppermint, coriander, ginger and black salt are some of the ingredients used in making jaljeera, they are natural body cleansers that make it a natural detoxifier.

4. Good For Digestion

The black salt added in the jaljeera drink is good for digestion. Cumin also boosts the digestive processes, as it helps relieve intestinal gas, acidity and heart burn. Also, other ingredients like peppermint, ginger and coriander paste used to make jaljeera have strong digestive properties which make it a good digestive too. So, whenever you experience digestive problems in summer, drink jaljeera after 1 hour of eating your meal. It will cure your digestive problem within minutes.

5. Soothes Your Tummy

The ginger, or ginger powder used in the jaljeera drink, is a great remedy for nausea that some people may experience due to the heat. Ginger also helps in treating abdominal cramps due to indigestion. Jaljeera works wonders in improving your digestion because as you sip the beverage and take in all the spices, it is easily absorbed into your system through osmosis, and kills all the microbes. But the drink is high on salt, so people with high blood pressure should consume it in moderation.

6. Natural Appetizer In Summers

In summers, it often happens that your appetite for food decreases. But minimum appetite should be there, to consume at least some food to keep your body functioning. The cumin seeds used in the drink help in increasing appetite due to the aromatic oils present in it. These aromatic oils stimulate gastric secretions and appetite. So, if you suffer with loss of appetite this summer, then drink jaljeera in the morning, as it will help restore your lost appetite within a few seconds.

7. Natural Disease Healer

Constipation is common if less quantity of meal is consumed in summer. But, vomiting and dehydration are also common due to the fluid imbalance, caused by excessive perspiration in summer. Fever is also very common during summer season due to sun-stroke. Lots of problems attack the body in summers, but there is one solution for all of them and that is jaljeera. It is a natural disease healer because of the healing properties it has got from its natural ingredients like peppermint, coriander juice and ginger used in it.

8. Aids Weight Loss

Jaljeera is a healthy alternative to high-calorie aerated beverages. The drink helps in burning calories. People who want to lose weight or are calorie conscious, it's a care-free drink which you can have, as it comes with very low calorie content. Jaljeera aids in reducing weight by suppressing your appetite, and making you eat less. So, ditch the high-calorie beverages, for this natural low-calorie drink to boost your energy levels throughout the day.

9. Prevents Anaemia

Yes, it's true that jaljeera drink helps in preventing anaemia. It is because of the cumin seeds used in it. Cumin seeds help in preventing and treating anaemia, as it is an excellent source of iron. They contain about 66 milligrams of iron in every 100 grams. The more the iron intake, the more is your haemoglobin count in your body. Cumin seeds even improve immunity and keep your body cool. It also prevents the symptoms of anaemia, such as digestive issues, fatigue, cognitive malfunctions, anxiety, etc.

10. Improves Vitamin C Deficiency

Jaljeera has dry mango or 'amchoor' powder, which is high in vitamin C, that helps to improve immunity and keeps scurvy at bay. The other benefits of vitamin C are protection against cardiovascular disease, immune system deficiencies, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling. It is also a powerful antioxidant, and it helps the body form and maintain the connective tissue.

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