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Your True Purpose In Life As Per Zodiac Sign


We all often ponder over the question what is the ultimate aim of our life or what is the true purpose of life. Well, while theories and philosophies given by some of the ancient saints would tell that the ultimate aim of life is to achieve salvation.

However, astrology says that every zodiac sign looks for one specific thing in most of the matters. Every zodiac sign has a primary element. It is one of the four elements, air, water, fire and earth, which the universe is made of, as per spiritual theories. These elements have the maximum influence on the signs. Based on it, here is a list of details on what is the true purpose in life as per zodiac sign.


Aries: To Reach The Top

Aries is the fire sign. It aims for advancement everywhere and in everything. Tell them they can't and they will show you how they can. Be it any project, any matter of life or an aim they have set for themselves, they would prefer to dive deep into it, work hard and excel. What they do not like is to wait near the shores and wait for things to happen.

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Taurus: Stability

Taureans' element is the earth. They are trying to build things in life most of the time. In terms of relationships, they would like to keep things peaceful and relationships comfortable for their loved ones. They do not like to see problems in them and would remove them if anything comes to obstruct the peace. Similarly, they prefer accumulating wealth and property instead of spending it. They want stability in everything in their lives.

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Gemini: A Happy Witty World

Gemini is an air sign. Gemini do not speak much, but the reality is that they are as wonderful commentators as they are spectators. Once they start speaking, they win the hearts of the people around. They keep trolling their friends, and use their witty comments to grab the attention of all. A happy-witty world seems to be their aim of life.

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Cancer: Empathy

Cancer has water as the predominant element. Therefore, they are full of emotions for oneself as well as for others. They are the best healers when you need a shoulder to cry on. Thus the aim of Cancerians is empathy or to spread love around.

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Leo: A Courageous World

The fire sign Leo has a charisma which only a Leo can own. They possess leadership qualities and marvel at motivating people for endeavours. They understand the sparkle their heart carries and want to inspire the world with it in all ways thus being a role model for the world. They aim to make the world a courageous place.

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Virgo: Improvisation

Virgos are the fixers. They aim at improvisation of things in life. They do not like to see chaos or imperfection and are most of the time trying to establish peace and perfection everywhere. They keep analysing things for how they can be made better. Thus, Virgos' aim in life is improvisation.

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Libra: A Balanced World

As their sign shows, Librans are good at maintaining balance in life. Their time management skills are nothing less than perfect. Before taking a stand, they generally prefer to hear both sides of the story. This gives them their best quality of being liberal and unbiased. They seek justice as well as perfection and aim to establish these two things in the world, thus creating a balance.

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Scorpio: To Spread Passion

Scorpios are the most passionate ones. They like to give their entire energy into whatever they doing. They believe results need dedication and things need your time and hard work in order to become a success. Be it relationships, or career, all they know is passion and that is what they want to spread around.Z

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Sagittarius: Discovery

The Sagittarius individuals are keen for discovery and want to explore the new horizons always. They want to learn new things, meet new people and know new cultures. They want to make the world as free-spirited as themselves. Their aim in life is discovering the untrodden paths of life.

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Capricorn: Success

The Capricorns are hardworking, straightforward and determined. They like working for the happiness of their loved ones. All they aim for in life is success. Howsoever they might have to work hard, all they want is success. Thus their ultimate aim in life is success for the happiness of their loved ones.


Aquarius: World - A Better Place To Live

Aquarius are true humanitarians. Their aim in life is to make this world a better place by their act of kindness. Kindness is what they show to the world most of the times. Aquarians constantly engage in philanthropy and aim to make the world a peaceful world where people care for each other and no pain exists.

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Pisces: To Promote Arts

Pisces is a water sign. Like Cancerians, they are also full of emotions. Besides that, they are creative beings. They would generally not talk much and would express their feelings through various forms of arts, such as music, poetry and paintings. Most of the Pisceans would have these art forms as their hobby. Thus, promoting arts seems to be the hobby of the generally silent Pisceans.

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