Libra Yearly Horoscope

Family Life

Lord Saturn will reside in your third and fourth house. This will lead to bitterness among siblings. This planetary position is not very favourable for family life; therefore, you are advised to be careful. Friends too might stay away from you during this time. You are advised to face any situation with truthfulness and honesty. Arguments with mother will also trouble you because of the presence of Lord Saturn in your fourth house. You will receive some bad news from your children too. You are advised to handle any situation with tact and also exercise control over your speech during arguments.


You are advised to be on high alert all throughout the year regarding your health issues. Issues with kidneys and liver may trouble you. You should always keep a doctor's number handy for emergencies. Hot and cold items may make you ill suddenly. You may also face digestive issues.


The money that you spend on your children will prove to be a loss for you. However, your money matters will improve after October, as Jupiter moves into the 2nd house. People who lend out money on interest are advised to exercise precaution while doing so, as the money might turn out to be bad debts.


Lord Jupiter is residing in your house of career, because of which you may find it difficult to receive employment. However, there are other planets which will be in your favour and help you grow in your career. You are advised to work hard while finding a suitable employment and not let opportunities slip away from you.

You will also find yourself having negative thoughts regarding your career and employment. You are advised to shun those thoughts away immediately.


It is a good time to start a new business, even partnerships. Starting a new factory or a venture will also prove to be beneficial for you. Investments in property will be fruitful, but do not forget to take the advice of the elders before making any investments.

Love Life

Your love life is going to be very exciting this year. Single males can expect a new relationship, as a girl will soon enter their lives. Any marriage proposals will finally move ahead this year. A wedding is also on the cards for you.

Married Life

You seem to be all set and ready to live your life on a fast track mode through the entire year 2018. The days seem to fly by in a hurry before you realise that the months will slip past your eyes. But this does not mean that you will miss out on important milestones coming your way.

Balance is what you will need to go through the year. You need to maintain a healthy balance in your marriage, personal, social, and professional space as well. Make it a point to strike a balance at all instances with your partner. Keep things spicy, exciting, and romantic in your marriage and also try to slow down and give your partner some much-needed breathing space as well.

Experts suggest that you need to trust your partner and respect them for they too will treat you in the same way. You will need to be prepared for some competition on the love front during the year. But don't worry, your charm and grace seem to help you win the heart of your soulmate as well. Overall, you may experience some periods of emotional outburst during the initial months of the year and in the second half of the year, you will see that things seem to stabilise more or less.


This year is going to be an emotional period for your sign. It will be full of ups and downs. At work, there are chances that you might have disagreements, arguments, and misunderstandings with your colleagues.

The best way to cope up and stay at peace is by backing off. You need to be extremely cautious about what you say. As per your horoscope, it looks like your advice and well-meaning wisdom seem to fall on deaf ears this year, so refrain yourself from advising others.

You make a great team-player as per your sign and there are times when you will work even at unsociable hours and even during late-night shifts and yet this will not stop your charismatic charm shining through the year.

Overall, your presence will be appreciated and respected because of your nature as you do not intervene in others' lives.  


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