Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope

Family Life  

If you wanted to get married for quite some time, there are high chances of it happening. Couples trying to conceive will also come across agood news. You will be surprised by receiving things or coming across situations that you may never have thought about in your life.

Overall, good times lie ahead. It is important to keep your relations with your mother and siblings cordial. A huge gain is foreseen in your business which you will get with the support of your brother. You are advised to take the blessings of your parents, elder brothers as well as the sages and Brahmins. However, the planet Saturn is known to negatively affect your family life this year.

The placement of this planet in the house usually means death. Therefore, it is important to take remedial steps in order to negate the effects of this negative planet in your zodiac house.


The planets Venus and Mercury may invite some health problems your way, therefore, you are advised to stay geared to fight them. You may contract blood infections. It is important to be careful of the food that you consume and your lifestyle. Also, your quality of thoughts is also known to affect your health to a great extent. Unhealthy eating habits may lead to liver problems. Try to stay away from oily and fried food as well. Injuries on the legs and joint pains are foreseen for you. Pain in the lower back will also trouble you. People who ride bikes extensively must be careful of the pain in their private areas as injuries in those parts may lead to surgery as well.


The presence of the lord of wealth, Saturn, in your zodiac house this year is not said to be a favourable situation for your finances. You may not get the expected returns even after putting in a whole lot of efforts. However, your father may provide some financial support. Receiving wealth through the paternal property is foreseen. You will also experience an inflow of wealth from different sources of income.


This year may prove to be quite rewarding for your career as the presence of Lord Mercury in your third and ninth house will provide the right opportunities for you in terms of your career. The unemployed will certainly land in a job of their dreams and will be quite content with their work life. You are advised to keep good relations with your seniors and colleagues at work. Everything that you accomplish through proper planning will certainly benefit you greatly.


People in the business field will come across some good gains in business this year. However, it is important not to take any decision in haste and instead take your time to reflect upon the important things. You are advised to understand the difference between right and wrong before taking a decision. You may have to carry out your business transactions with utmost precaution to keep losses at bay.

Love Life

The planet Mars will have a profound effect on your love life. Your mind will be filled with the idea of love until September. You may mellow down a bit after this period. It is important to stay careful during this period as it will be easier for people to take advantage of you and end up hurting you.


Patience is the key for your sign through the year as the stars predict that you will have a challenging year ahead. You are concerned about self-growth through the year, and it seems like it will enhance your success rate on the professional front. Mars will provide you with optional opportunity to boost your progress. There are chances that you might get temperamental at work, but this is not going to cause significant issues. Overall, you are concerned about your self-growth and also seem to improve your success at work.

Married Life

Child-related matters are predicted in the fifth house of your sign. Mercury rules the seventh house and Mars rules the fifth house. Both your home and office front seem to keep the mood at work in check throughout the year. This division will also help you manage your responsibilities and relationships with utmost ease.

This year you will be blessed with a lot of support and guidance from your loved ones. You will go out and prove to the world your worth and capabilities. All this is possible when you have the support of your partner.



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