Taurus Yearly Horoscope

Family Life

Your family life in the coming year will be average without many ups and downs. You will continue to receive support and love from your family members. Keeping a good atmosphere at home will depend entirely on you, though.

Fulfilling all the needs of your family members will be your responsibility. Jupiter will move on from your eighth house in October to your house of spouse. At this time, you are advised to maintain cordial relationships with every member at home and also make efforts to make time for them. Try to keep the interests of your family in the first place and you will have a good family relation throughout the year.

For Taurians, Saturn will be situated in your 8th house. According to Vedic astrology, it is not a good transit for women, as it may cause harm to their family members. However, you will be able to solve all the problems with some patience and intellect. Keeping good relations with your mother will be helpful. You are advised not to take any decision regarding family matters in haste.

The health of your father may need extra attention. The health of your wife too will decline in December. There may also be arguments regarding the difference of opinions. Therefore, it is important that you have positivity and clarity in your thoughts. Your negative thoughts may give rise to unfortunate circumstances.


Your health is predicted to be good throughout the year. However, Saturn in your 8th house may cause pain in the eyes or a headache. You are especially requested to take care of your health in the month of March and from September to December. Kidney, throat and liver ailments may also trouble you.

Also, you may experience some pain in the right leg. Therefore, you are advised to take adequate rest. Having a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach early in the morning will prove to be very beneficial for your health.


Wealthwise, this year you will experience a few ups and downs. If you are planning to invest in a new scheme, project or business, you can go ahead, as your investments will remain safe and will also yield good returns. It is a good year for you economically too, especially after October. You are predicted to come across a lot of opportunities to earn wealth. It is advised to take the help of an experienced person before investing in the share market.


There are high chances of the unemployed to receive employment this year. However, there may be certain issues in this sector. You can get a pooja done or chant a mantra to remove the negative effects of Jupiter.


Your business will thrive this year, but only if you are willing to work hard. You are advised to take major decisions very carefully after going through the fine prints. It is also a good year to enter into partnerships, provided both partners have complete trust in each other.

Love Life

There will be certain issues with old relations this year. You are also predicted to enter into a new relationship, which you are likely to be serious about. It is advised to watch your boundaries in love to avoid getting frowned upon by society. Make all efforts to sustain relationships. Mercury and Mars are retrograde in your sign this year.

This means that you need to avoid making important decisions. To null their negative effects on your life, you are advised to get a special pooja done by a Brahmin. Also, chanting specific mantras may help. Jupiter is not in your favour this year. It will move on from your 8th house to the 7th house in October. It is advised you take any decisions after thorough thought process and the advise of elders as well. Take care of your parents and respect them.


Your occupation life seems to be giving mixed results. Ketu seems to prevail in the tenth house for the most part of the year. The transit will happen only around November in Capricorn. Until then, the Taureans might have to go through a hectic year. While the initial months might not show you sufficient progress in business, the latter part seems coming with some more complex issues. Even despite a very busy schedule, expected results might not come out. However, despite the complex situations reflected by your horoscope, the end of the year is going to be filled with expected results in expected times.

Hence, you are advised to put in lots of hard work even when the time is not predicted to be much favourable, for the results to be good later. Entering into partnerships can also be considered by the Taureans, this year. Though only if there is complete trust and understanding between the partners. A puja can be done to pacify the negative effects of Jupiter.

Married Life

Mercury and Mars both being retrograde seem to be affecting your married life just as it would affect your love life. Jupiter will transit from 8th house to 7th house only in October. Hence, time seems unfavourable until then. Your previous relations might try to disturb your present married life. Venus being retrograde and the unfavourably aggressive Mars might also bring negative effects. Such a position of the stars might cause tensions and conflicts between both of you. Try not to speak about past matters if you want to resolve any matters.

Those waiting to get married might have to wait little more to tie the knots. However, there will be constant support from the families of both. Try resolving matters if any, by accepting your partner's opinion. The year does not seem favourable, as per your horoscope, if you want to have kids this year. Try not to let ego bring differences and distance between you and your spouse. 



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