Aquarius Yearly Horoscope


According to your health predictions for the year 2019, you will need to maintain your health from the start of the year itself and you need to take care of minor and major viral infections that you will face this year.

You will get some support from the planet Jupiter. You need to take care of your mental and physical health throughout the year as your stress will arise from your work area and expenses.

You need to put in some extra effort to take care of your health, especially during the period from March to May 2019. Your health will get a little better during June 2019 as per your health horoscope 2019.

Experts reveal that this is the year that you need to take care of your health as you will be prone to liver diseases, typhoid and even jaundice. You also need to do exercises and yoga as well as this will help you to stay healthy.

You need to refrain from consuming fast foods as well. Your yearly horoscope for 2019 also reveals that the great planet Jupiter will support you to stay healthy as the presence of this planet will save you from serious problems as well.

For those who are not interested in being healthy can stick to cycling or practicing Zumba to hold onto being healthy and losing weight.

The Aquarius 2019 health horoscope also reveals that the individuals who are suffering from heart and other serious ailments need to be extra cautious and you need to take all your medicines on time.

You need to consult a doctor if any serious health issue arises through the year. Apart from this, you need to also go in for regular check-ups to maintain your health and to be aware of anything that will arise.


The overall yearly wealth predictions for 2019 reveal that you will be lucky with money-handling matters, but at the same time, experts explain that you need to be careful with your investments.

This is the year that will be not short of money as the lord of wealth is seen in an advantageous position, but at the same time, you need to give sufficient attention on your wealth and investments as planet Saturn is looking at it.

The yearly predictions also reveal that you need to make frequent efforts to handle your money matters. You need to control the expenses coming your way as this will help you in saving you from any kind of financial shortage.

Experts reveal that from April to June 2019 will be quite a tough time regarding investments. You will see that your good times in monetary benefits will be seen after September 2019.

Unfortunately, it is seen that expenses will increase as well. You need to control your expenses this year as this will help you to save you from financial instability as well.

The yearly horoscope also reveals that financial instability will get worse for you when you tend to invest in unnecessary things without proper management as well.

The months from April to June 2019 are predicted to be very risky for you. Experts warn you not to get involved in any kind of deals related to money as the chances of you losing the money are more.

According to the Aquarius wealth horoscope for 2019 you need to complete all the pending business or property deals and also money-related matters after September 2019.

All that you need to do is put in constant efforts in solving your money matters as a lot will improve for you during this year. It is seen that even though the planet Saturn is in the worst position for you, you will make sure that you control your spending somehow.

Family Life

The Aquarius family horoscope reveals that the year 2019 will have some adverse time for you and your family. Experts explain that the planet Saturn will be looking at the position of your family.

This is the year that you will experience quarrelsome situations with your family and loved ones. Experts reveal that despite this unhappy situation you will enjoy some great moments with your family.

Experts reveal that you need to control your anger during the year as per your Aquarius family horoscope 2019. You will also have a great time with kids but you need to take care of your emotions while you make decisions about your family and kids, especially in the period from April to the middle of September 2019.

Your horoscope also reveals that couples who are married and have been trying for a kid will finally be successful this year. There will also be a lot of chaos in the family. It is also seen that the new year will bring in a lot of family responsibilities regarding a new member being born.

This will be the year when you will feel frustrated with constant quarrels in the family. Experts advise you to be patient and remain quiet as this will help in avoiding unwanted arguments with your family. You need to control your temper as everything will be fine.

The year 2019 will be the year when your child will make you feel proud of their academic and sports achievements. You need to encourage them to do better.

On the other hand, you need to spend time with your family and go on trips and short picnics as this will help in strengthening your bond with the family.

Make sure that you do not allow any third person to spoil your family peace and harmony. On the other hand, if things go out of hand, then you need to discuss it with every family member and resolve the problem patiently. As a result, this will help you in making your family grow in love and compassion throughout the year.

Love Life

This will be the year when you will experience the strong possibility of love showering on you as per your love horoscope for 2019.

The year is all about feelings and trust as it will keep increasing in love mentally and physically. You will have a positive approach to everything that you do.

For married people, love and sex will be completely superb as per your love horoscope. It is seen that many people will enter your life. You should also avoid making any false promises to your loved one. You need to take care of your love as there are chances that your relations will get spoilt in marital life due to your ego.

Experts warn you that ego issues can disrupt your relationship. Hence, it is essential that you keep your ego aside and make up with your partner when you have arguments and quarrels with them. By doing so, all the complications and fears in your relationship seem to get eliminated as per your 2019 love horoscope predictions.

This year is going to shower great blessings on you and your partner. The love horoscope for 2019 promises to be a successful year for both single Aquarius individuals, and for those who are married as well.

Individuals who are waiting for many surprises will be involved in the whirlpool of passions this entire year. It is this year when your relationship will be transformed into something passionate and beautiful. You will also be able to resolve issues easily this time.

You need to make sure that you do not get involved in unwanted brawls with your loved one. Even though everything seems to be going right, things will go haywire at times. Hence, it is essential that you handle situations before it slips off your hands.

This year is going to be great for you and your partner. You will go on many trips with your loved one, and as a result, this will increase the love and affection between both of you. Make sure you make the best out of these trips.

Marriage Life

The year 2019 will bring in a new level of intimacy in your married life. The year seems to be an excellent time for your marital life. You will be able to enjoy the company of your partner throughout the year 2019.

According to your yearly marriage predictions for 2019, the year will also see some ups and downs in your relations. But experts reveal that you will see that your love will increase as per your sign. It is often said that the arguments and quarrels that you have with your partner throughout the year will increase the level of love and intimacy among couples.

Experts reveal that the time from January to the first week of April 2019 is going to be joyful and enthusiastic for married couples. The horoscope also shows that this time will also see that the negativity and any kind of difficulty that you have been experiencing in your married life will end.

The year 2019 will bring you and your partner closer. This is the year that you need to try and avoid any kind of brawl in your love life as even though the time might seem to be favourable, it does not take much time for the negativity to kick in.

Experts warn you that you need to try and solve quarrels and conflicts throughout the year by jumping to interactive discussions and having an understanding with your partner. There will be times when you will feel quite dissatisfied with your partner or even your marriage life.

Even if you feel angry or frustrated, experts warn you to stay away from arguments as per your marriage predictions. You need to avoid indulging yourself in any kind of unwanted discussions with your partner. Also, don't take any aggressive steps in your married life. Instead, stay positive and ignore the drawbacks of your partner.

Overall, your marriage predictions reveal that you need to live a good life that is full of love and fondness for your loved ones. Apart from this, you will also enjoy some great moments with your partner. You will have a good time together.


The year 2019 will be great for individuals as far as their education is considered. Individuals who are pursuing a new subject of studies will experience an overall good performance throughout the year due to the auspicious vision of the planet Jupiter.

On the other hand, individuals who are pursuing primary education will need to put in more efforts from April until August 2019. It is seen that the period from September to December 2019 will be good. Around this time individuals who are pursuing higher education too will be lucky.

Experts reveal that since planet Mercury is forecasted on becoming the lord of the position of your education, your intelligence is considered to be very sharp.

Apart from this, you should give sufficient attention to whatever you are doing. Experts also warn that due to the temporary position of Mercury this year, it will bring in more struggle.

On the other hand, even if you are facing any kind of hardship, you should not lose your focus as experts reveal that the struggle will help you get back on track. It is seen that your hard work this year will help you to get the desired results that you are expecting for the longest.

Your yearly horoscope also reveals that you will experience the most ups and down from the start of July until August 2019. This is the period that you need to be extra cautious and not get involved in immoral activities as this might make you lose your focus, and you will never be able to get back in line.

You need to pay full attention to your studies, but at the same time, you don't have to neglect your health this year. Stars predict that you might be prepared well for your exams but due to bad health, the chances of you skipping the exams are possible.


The year 2019 will bring in new changes to your career as per your horoscope for the year 2019. Experts reveal that Mars will be in the third position while Jupiter will be seen in favour of you.

According to the yearly horoscope, the year 2019 will motivate you to do some brave act. As Saturn and Ketu are in the twelfth position, it is seen that the year will be bad for your growth. You need to make sure that you do not get yourself indulged in agreements in subjects that you do not like. This will have a negative impact on you as per your career.

Individuals whose career revolves around business will see significant growth in their career. Individuals who are related to the food industry will also get good success this year in 2019 as you will get amazing benefits in your job.

Experts also reveal that this will be the year when you will get recognition at your workplace. As a result, you will reap great benefits and perks regarding increments and awards.

On the other hand, your organisation will also grow fond of you, and they will take in extra measures to retain you when you plan to move.

The year 2019 is going to be the best year for your sign as the period from January till June 2019 reveals that the year is going to be the best for you.

All that you need to do is set your targets and goals. During this time, you will be able to achieve it quickly without any kind of hassles.


According to the occupation horoscope for 2019 it is seen that you need to make the right decisions in your profession. You need to discuss everything related to your project/deals and areas of interest and profits as well this year.

It is always good that you choose good investment projects as the success rate of you making it big are huge this year as per your occupational horoscope.

Experts reveal that you will achieve all that you want, but you need to put in extra efforts. The year is going to bring in a lot of blessings, make the best use of it as you will be praised by your seniors at work.

On the other hand, individuals who are into business will have a tough time this year. These individuals need to be cautious about investing in shares and bets this year as experts predict this will be risky to spend in such kind of investments.

Also, it is predicted that the year will not be a tremendous proper time to invest in a property during this time. Hence, keeping a low profile for the year will keep you safe.

Stars also foresee that there will be a strong possibility of many expenses coming your way regarding your professional growth. Hence, you are advised to keep a check on your costs as well.  

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