Virgo Yearly Horoscope

Family Life

Your family life this year is predicted to be average. There will be some sourness in family relations. A difference in thoughts will prevail. Arguments regarding difference of opinions with the spouse are also foreseen, but you can solve them easily with your wit. Lord Saturn is residing in your fourth house, which will give rise to arguments with wife and mother. Property issues will be present in a major part of the year, causing you some harm. There are chances of either demolition of your house or relocation too. You will often face injustice throughout the year, but do not let that hamper your spirits. The month of September will be very good for your family life.


Your health will be highly influenced by the family discord happening in your life this year. The influence of Lord Shani is going to make you ill during most parts of the year. Stomach ailments are something that you need to watch out for. You may also suffer from nerve damage due to which you will be worried. You are strictly advised to follow a vegetarian diet. Pain in the lower back and thighs will be significant.


This year, you may face monetary issues. You may be backstabbed by someone regarding monetary issues. You will have a lot of problems recovering from bad debts too. However, working with complete honesty regarding all money issues will ensure the continuous flow of wealth with the help of the Almighty. Investing in properties will be good for you and will bring in profits. There will be an auspicious event happening at home because of which you might have to spend some money.


You will come across a lot of opportunities for a new job. You may face a few hurdles on the way before October, but after that you will see good results.


Those in the field of business will have a good year. You may come across an opportunity to travel abroad due to work. You are advised to be careful in this regard, as there may be certain obstacles in your path. If you are into partnerships, you need to place your trust in each other, in the absence of which things might not work out.

Love Life

The planets in your third and fifth houses are not in your favour because of which there may be discord in your love life. For singles, marriage proposals may not culminate further. However, the tables will turn after September.


The year 2018 will be an overall good year for the Virgos. A good time starts basically from March-April, from when you will get sufficient opportunities for progress. The placement or the transit of Mars will happen around May. This might cause the progress to slow down for some time; however, it will be resolved by a favourable move of Jupiter. A change in the position of Venus will happen in August and will leave a positive effect. While the transition in Mars will happen, difficulties will arise in your work life and occupation.

Things might tempt you to lose your temper. However, the more you will be able to hold on to that, the better it will be for the overall work life for the year. Patience, supported by Jupiter's motion later will help reduce the tensions and relax you. This will further be improved by Venus. A time when it will be all hard work resulting in good results. It might be taken to the next big level if it is a business.

Married Life

Virgos will see mixed results in terms of marriage this year. Saturn in the 7th house and Jupiter in the 3rd house, both will balance the results. The negative effects will result in a time when you might feel being ignored by your partner. The decreased interest from him/her might further bring gloom and despair in your moods, just to complicate the matter even more.

If such a thing happens, try to establish communication and develop an understanding. Not to worry much, the positive effects following April will restore the harmony. You will feel at calm during this time. However, the relationship status is predicted to keep fluctuating throughout the year.

There might also come a time when you might have to stay away from your partner for some time such as about a month. Yet love will find a way to flow between you and you can be expected to spend time together from June to October. Overall, despite some conflicts, your spouse seems to be supportive; hence, you should nurture the underlying significance of mutual understanding.



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