Leo Yearly Horoscope

Family Life

This will be a great year for you, as you will scale new heights. Jupiter will be in retrograde which means that you will receive good news from your child. Your children may receive employment. Childless couples will be blessed with a baby this year. Business will be good this year. Do not hesitate to ask for help, as it will be readily available to you. You may suffer from family woes because of the negative effects of Jupiter in your zodiac house.

Lord Jupiter will be positioned in your eighth house and will move on to the third house by mid-September. This may mean that you will come across opportunities to buy or sell land or property. There are chances of your property being hoarded by someone, so you are advised to be careful in this regard.


Healthwise, you will have a good year. You will experience some pain in your chest or bloating in your stomach. This will cause you mental stress too. You may also suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes. Joint pain may be prevalent during the year. Make sure to consult a doctor immediately during illness. You are highly advised to take care of your diet. Taking rest will also lead to good health.


It is predicted to be a good year for you wealthwise too, especially after October. You will earn good profits this year. Matters of inheritance will also turn out to be fruitful. You are predicted to receive money from your fixed deposits if any.


The unemployed will be at high chances of receiving employment, especially at the end of the year, because of your planetary alignments. Venus will move on from your second house to your seventh house, letting you gain employment easily. For people who are already working, this year will bring you joy and happiness as your seniors at work will be quite happy with your performance.


Your business will fulfil all your desires this year. People in the electronics business are especially lucky. You will also earn money by investing in the share market, provided you take the help of the best advisors in the field. Lord Saturn is positioned rightly, therefore, investing in long-term shares will be very profitable for you. You are advised to be careful in business and also exercise control over your speech.

Love Life

Lord Jupiter will be retrograde in your seventh house, making this year good for love marriages. But Lord Saturn is positioned there which may make love relationships sour. Leos are very passionate lovers and this year, you will be inclined towards sexual thoughts and actions. You are advised to control your desires in this matter, so as to not let the society frown upon you and your partner.


Occupational matters seem to satisfy the Leo this year. Mostly those associated with the business fields will see gradual and steady progress throughout the year, due to the favourable placement of the planet Jupiter. With important deals involving big transactions, the year will eventually increase the overall worth, if it is a business. Since Mercury will transit in the 11th house in April, work life will gain momentum; however, financial risks will increase as well. Increased expenses and difficulties in the first 2-3 months will make you work harder. However, this hard work will reap good results later when the time becomes more favourable near August-September. However, amidst the difficulties, you will get some great opportunities as well. All you need to do is grab it to make the best use. However, for most of the Leos, the entire year will be a hectic one. You might have to concentrate on your family as well, along with your occupation, which indicates towards the busy year you might have.

Married Life

Jupiter being retrograde in the 7th house makes the year auspicious for those who want to go for love marriages. Do not make a haste while deciding on matters related to love. This might create problems between both of you. Leo being a fire sign, you need to watch your uncontrolled temper. The year brings some unexpected expenditures, so try not to let your frustration target your relationships. Leos might feel an excessive sexual drive throughout the year. Not receiving a similar attitude from the partner might make things sore between you.

Try practising meditation. You can also indulge in some spiritual activities just to calm your mind if things are not good enough between the both of you at some time. Saturn moving through Capricorn in the sixth house makes it difficult to maintain the relationship in harmony. The time from around the end of February can be considered for entering into marital ties. An attitude of understanding and some patience will do the needful in maintaining harmony between both of you.  




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