Leo Yearly Horoscope


The year 2019 is going to be great as far as your health goes. You will not face any kind of health issue all throughout the year, but there are chances that you will have to take care of minor or significant viral infections during the mid-year.

The horoscope predicts that you will face tension due to some worries or sudden expenses on the work front. You also need to remain cautious to avoid any kind of physical and mental health issues throughout the year.

Experts reveal that your health will not be a cause of worry, especially from March to May 2019. However, you would face mild health issues in June, but this will not be a significant concern as the period from July to August 2019 will be the best time health wise.

You need to do some exercises and also practice yoga throughout the year as this will be beneficial for your health.

To keep your health in its best form throughout the year, you need to improve your health and well-being by exercising well, eating a balanced diet and also losing the extra weight that you have gained in the past few months.

Experts reveal that if you are going through any kind of stress, then you need to meditate to attain mental peace. It is predicted that your work stress can take a toll on your health.

All that you need to do is stop overthinking about situations and just stay calm. Also, avoid skipping meals. Follow the basic tips of staying healthy this year by having a good breakfast which is rich in proteins as it will help you to keep your energy levels high.


As per 2019 Leo wealth horoscope, the year 2019 is going to be great regarding your finances. You will become successful in increasing your sources of income. You need to invest in some property through a loan, and you will see profitable returns coming by the year-end.

On the other hand, you will also see yourself buying something on loan, but this is something that you need to be careful about when you decide on buying or selling property. You need to be prepared as you would also face a significant loss coming your way due to your mistake or carelessness.

Experts reveal that it is very essential that you remain cautious while signing any kind of paperwork. While you will see your bank balance increasing, you need to be able to manage it skillfully as the chances of you losing money are high.

While applying for a loan, you need to make sure that you have everything planned well in advance. Also, experts reveal that this will be the year when you will finally be able to expand your business and also be able to manage your finances. You need to stay calm and patient while handling any business deal or any property matters.

You need to be clear on investing your money in projects that will give you massive returns. As you aim higher, make sure you take precautionary measures as this will bring in a lot of negativity in your life.

Your horoscope reveals that you will also be able to manage your earnings throughout the year excellently and will also be able to execute all your plans efficiently.

All that you need to do is manage all your finances, expenses and bank balance to invest in the things that you have always dreamt of having. Also, make sure you are doubly sure of the pros and cons before you make any kind of investment.

Family Life

The year 2019 will be quite beneficial for you regarding your family. This is the year when you will earn extra money and also spend a lot of money to make your family happier. The year 2019 will be all about planning your expenses when it comes to spending on your family.

Experts reveal that if you incur unwanted expenses, then you will not have any kind of savings left for other important costs coming your way throughout the year.

You will find yourself in situations where you would run short of money in case an emergency in the family. Hence, it is essential that you save some amount for rainy days as well.

Experts reveal that you need to try and maintain peace among family members and also make sure that you avoid brawls as much as possible. When others get upset and pick a fight, you need to sit down and talk to them and explain how important they are to you.

There are strong chances of your loved ones falling ill, so you need to stay together and strong as you are expected to be the emotional support to your family all through the tough times your family is going to face throughout the year 2019.

The yearly horoscope also predicts that this year you would see yourself travelling with your family on a couple of trips. Many memories are coming your way. You would even notice that your family members will respect and understand your thoughts as this will give way in improving your relationships.

Overall, the entire year is going to be a cordial and pleasant as far as your family relationships are concerned as you would be able to maintain a balance with your family members. Maintain peace and harmony with your family as this will strengthen your bond with them. Spending more time with your family will also help in strengthening the relationship with them.

Apart from that, you need to stay alert during December 2019, as stars predict that chances of your father's health deteriorating are high.

Love Life

The year 2019 is the year when you will see your love relationship blossoming. This year is going to be all rosy for you as the desire to have mutual understanding and satisfaction in your love life will be fulfilled.

This is the year when your relationship will become more intimate, mentally and physically. Also, your love, affection, and trust for each other will become more intense. You will also develop a positive attitude in all aspects of love.

Experts reveal that you will plan a pleasure trip with your loved one during March-April 2019. During this period you will need to try and get closer to your partner and this will help to develop an emotional bond with them. Your stars reveal that you will build a stronger love connection as well.

Your Leo 2019 love horoscope reveals that you need to try and avoid issues and conflicts as much as you can and instead learn to focus on a constructive relationship.On the other hand, you need to control your temper and solve your differences in a calm manner as well. This will help in building up a better understanding with your loved one.

Your relationship will become more intimate during the month of March as you would be exchanging gifts with your partner around this time. To make your relationship stronger, you need to take your partner out on weekends and spend as much time as you can.

You also need to try and focus on developing an emotional and physical connection with them. Remember, the stronger the love is, the better it will be for your relationship as well.

On the other hand, individuals who are involved in a long-term relationship are going to make each other feel more joyful and enthusiastic and as a result the relationship can be converted into a marriage bond as well.

Your overall predictions reveal that this year your love life will be good but you need to control your anger as much as you can. Avoid being aggressive towards your partner while making decisions as things can even lead to a breakup due to misunderstandings.

Single individuals might develop an emotional connection with someone special this year, and if you feel it is worth it, then you need to go for it. You will also end up having a fun filled loving relationship.

Marriage Life

The year 2019 will be great regarding your marital life, and this is the year you would be seen taking good care of your partner. You will be very affectionate, and you will also enjoy a great life all throughout the year.

Experts reveal that you would need to paint your bedroom walls with white colour as it will help in reviving your passion with your partner. Also, you need to take care of your partner's health. You need to make sure both of you are physically fit and safe from any sort of health issues.

Individuals who intend to get married this year will finally find a suitable partner, and this will be the time of the year when your family will also support you in your decision to go for a love marriage.

Your marriage horoscope also reveals that you will have plenty of occasions where you will exchange gifts with your loved one all throughout the year. Experts explain that this year, you can bring in about multiple relationships in your life. You need to be alert of whom you are falling for, and you might even get carried away emotional this year.

You will enjoy every moment with your partner and are all set to start a new family life.

Experts also reveal that you will go on a long trip with your partner. This is the time when you both can bond well and experience love, romance and happiness. All that you need to do throughout the year is to understand your partner's needs and respect their opinion and also make sure you don't get into unwanted quarrels during this period. The year will be excellent overall.


The Leo education horoscope for the year 2019 reveals that you will get favourable results in your education stream. Experts reveal that even though you might be anxious about your studies during April 2019, you will succeed.

Your yearly predictions reveal that your memory will improve this year and your concentration level will also increase significantly. On the other hand, you will experience anxiety and this, in fact, will help you to perform better.

Students who have been planning for further studies need to prepare well for their entrance exams this year as they will be able to get into the college of their choice by June-July 2019.

However, you should not only focus on studying all throughout the year, but also you should take time out for a few fun activities so that you can get relief from the stress that would come your way. Remember not to neglect your health while focusing on academics.

Individuals who have plans of studying abroad need to do prior research and find out what the syllabus consists of. This will also help you to gather information for your future goals, and hence you can start preparing accordingly.

Experts reveal that this year will be a golden period for your studies. Your mentors will be supportive throughout the year and will also help in making the right decision related to education, and you will even get the expected results in competitive exams.

Your overall Leo education horoscope for 2019 reveals that the year is going to be favourable and significant for your studies. All that you need to do this year is be aligned with your interests as it will help you stay happy in the long run. If you aren't satisfied with whatever you're doing, it will lead to unhappiness and failure in the coming days. You will be praised for all your hard work and efforts.


As per your career horoscope for the year 2019, Venus and Saturn are going to be in their best position during the year. All your skills, talents and hard work will come into focus as far as your job is concerned this year and it will prove to be fruitful for you.

Individuals who are working can expect huge amounts of incentives, increments and bonuses. The experts reveal that the period between May and July 2019 will bring in a lot of peace at your workplace.

The work atmosphere will be all about positive vibes throughout the year. All the hard work and effort that you have been putting in for a while will bear fruit in the coming months.

Work earnestly and continuously and make sure that you complete your targets and tasks from April to mid-September 2019 and you will get the fruits of your hard work after August 2019. You need to keep accelerating towards your targets throughout the year.

Remember that better things are coming your way. Experts reveal that you will be very progressive where your career and profession are concerned throughout the year.

All that you need to do is display all your leadership skills during this period and carve your path to success. You need to set targets for yourself and also make sure that you complete it before time.

Your extreme dedication and immense motivation towards your job will be very much appreciated and praised by your seniors and bosses at work. You will do well and achieve great heights in the work that you would do throughout the year.

Overall, your yearly career predictions reveal that this year will be very crucial for your growth and will be a turning point in your career. If you work hard, you will surely end up with something better than what you wanted.  


The occupation predictions for 2019 reveal that you will not have many reasons for significant changes in your profession, but experts explain that the way you go about it will be more professional this year.

You will have to bring in some significant changes in your working style, and most probably you will be involved in travelling or being outdoors throughout the year. The last six months will be better than the first six months of the year.

Experts reveal that there will be a few ups and downs in January on the occupation front, but it is nothing to worry about as the situation will not last for a long time and things will fall in its place. You will make new plans for business and financial growth.

On the other hand, you can expect a promotion or salary hike this year and the period starting from January to April 2019 will be excellent regarding career and professional growth. You will also make enormous profits out of business associations with foreign clients as predicted by the horoscope.

There are chances of you getting into arguments with colleagues over minor issues , but you will handle it in a better way. Also, on the other hand, a rival at work might try to conspire against you. Hence, you need to be very careful.  

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