Cancer Yearly Horoscope

Family Life

Your family life may be troubled this year. Your wife's health will be a matter of concern for you. There may also be a few arguments between your spouse and you. You will have sour relationships with your family members due to a love affair. You will come across both success and failure, so you are advised to take decisions with proper thought. Family ties are both strong and delicate. It all depends on how tactfully you handle them.


Healthwise, you will have an average year. You are predicted to suffer from ailments of the stomach and chest. You are advised to take extreme care of your diet. Always take the advice of a doctor even in case of small health problems. There may be certain problems in your relationship too because of your health this year.


This year will not be that great for you in the sector of wealth, but there is no cause of worry. You will come across some ups and downs, but will definitely receive the fruit of your hard work. Lord Jupiter will be positioned in your fourth and fifth house, which will open up different sources of income for you. Be careful of unnecessary expenses.


It is a good year for your career, as the unemployed will receive employment soon. People already working will see a promotion or a raise and the time especially after October is predicted to be very auspicious for you in this regard.


This year will be very profitable for Cancerians, as you are predicted to earn huge profits in business. If you are planning to start a new business or are already running one, you will experience an increase in status and social recognition because of it. You are also predicted to take a huge risk in business, which will prove to be successful and earn you profits as well. However, you need to be alert of your enemies at work who will plot against you.

Love Life

Your love life will be smooth sailing this year. You will finally come across an opportunity to propose to your partner, something which you wanted to do since long. You are advised to make proper use of this very auspicious phase for your love life.


It is important to note that the influences of Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter will not be too great on you, which means you need to take extra precaution at work. Try to avoid arguments with your seniors which might result in disputes. Increased social respect and recognition can be predicted in the year. Monetary gains and huge profits can be expected in all occupations, especially a business, if backed up by sufficient hard work.

The year seems favourable for investments. Increased favourable reputation brings with it increased number of enemies as well. Hence, you need to be extra cautious while dealing with strangers or rivals. As said before, control over speech is needed in order to make steady success stay for long in your life. October is a time around which you can expect promotions and pay hikes.

However, the good time can be credited to a favourable position of Mars, one of the most significant signs for your sign. The favourable movement of Mars, from March to September, brings all these good results.

Married Life

It is the 7th house which is associated with marriage. There is the presence of Saturn in Capricorn in the 7th house along with the Sun and Venus, making it difficult for your sign to find harmony in your marital life. Both of you should try to maintain sufficient communication, just to let understanding prevail. The lack of it might worsen the relation.

Cancerians are believed to be emotional, which often makes them become temperamental when the emotions are not paid a heed to by their partners.

When Saturn and Mars are in a retrograde, you must practice control over your temperamental nature. However, you do not need to worry much as a favourable movement of Jupiter will happen which will help maintain love between both of you. Hence, we can conclude that the second half of the year will be more auspicious and happy for your married life.  


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