Aries Yearly Horoscope

Family Life

The start of the year will see certain issues in your domestic life. The reason for this is the presence of Mars in your seventh house. But all the issues will be resolved after Jupiter enters your seventh house. You are advised to have full confidence and determination and also uphold your morale instead of being weakened by it.

It is advised that you retrospect the incidents which make you angry instead of reacting, as it will only make the situations worse. Maintaining a good relationship with parents is important. However, the chances of arguments with father are high. Under such situations, it is better to think before speaking as that will help you bring the situation under control.


Healthwise, this year will be an average one for you. You might face some mental stress but will stay away from physical stress throughout the year. You might suffer from a mental illness and joint pain in midyear. There are also chances of you suffering from a sexual illness or any venereal disease. Infections due to a change in weather may also trouble you.


You are expected to have a good year wealth wise. However, you are advised to take the advice of elders or experienced person if you want to invest in speculations or give out loans. It will also be better for you to talk to an astrologer regarding the right time to invest money in the share market, as it will be beneficial for you.


The presence of Saturn in your 10th house (house of social status, fame and careers) and 11th house (house of gains and income) will bring in promotions for you. You are advised to sincerely make efforts to follow certain guidelines in life to reach your goals.

Keep a close eye on your deeds, as they will determine your future. Presence of Jupiter will bring about changes in your career, which will benefit you greatly. Change in thoughts at work will also bring in luck.


Your business will earn profits, provided you walk the right path. Do not try to instigate or encourage others to do wrong too. You will receive wealth which you rightfully deserve even without working hard for it. However, you are advised to exercise precaution in business matters after October.

Love Life

Your 5th house does not have any negative planets; hence your love life will be good. You will get a chance to enter into new relationships. Relations with your spouse will also be cordial. Do not ignore the small details, as they may lead to bigger issues.

Take extra precautions while handling an argument, as clear thinking and logic can lead you out. All this will ensure a smooth love life for you throughout the year. If you come across a love connection in the month of November or December, there are chances of the relationship going sour.

Any old love relation also will be lost by you during this time. Be careful of making a new love connection while retaining the old one, as it may spell doom for you.

Married Life

Analysing the position of Saturn, things might not be much in your favour this year. Saturn is placed in the 7th house, which contradicts the positions considered favourable for happiness in marriage. Though it pretty much depends on the overall individual horoscope, chances are conflicts might arise because of different individual opinions on various matters.

Being an Arian, you might often lose your temper. Some stranger or a new friend might try to interfere just to worsen the matters. The best option would be to talk things out with your spouse directly. The time around August beginning seems good for the singles.

An auspicious time when they might enter into a relationship with the opposite sex. Practice patience and avoid indulging in physical intimacy at the initial stage of a relationship. Do not trust your friends or close relatives blindly when it comes to deciding about marriage.

Chances of you being misguided prevail throughout the year. Pleasing the Mars deity seems to provide help in maintaining relationships. Tuesday is associated with Mars, and Lord Hanuman being the primary deity worshipped on a Tuesday, you should offer prayers to Lord Hanuman.

This will help control your temper. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day (at least on Tuesdays throughout the year). Reciting Sunder Kaand Path can also be considered by the Arians.


For the Aries this year, it is the right path which will ultimately lead to right decisions. This means, try not to adopt false measures for short-term gains. Monetary gains and success lie ahead. However, you also need to be cautious against bribery. You will reap the results for the hard work put in some time back.

You are advised to follow diligently, the orders of your boss and the seniors. Try to avoid conflicts if any. There will be a Transit of Mars from around mid-May. Practice patience and avoid being temperamental. There will be a retrograde period of Mars during August, which might bring some downs in the occupation life and strain to you.

Jupiter's presence can be expected to bring positive effects in your occupation. Overall, increased finances will help you pay off the debts. Stars say you might invest in immovable property as well. You will need to be extra cautious around October regarding your business and occupation. 




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