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Can Kids Eat Watermelon?

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We all love to eat water melon in summer as it can keep us hydrated. Its name itself suggests that it contains lots of water.

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And then adult men use water melon to cure erection issues. As this fruit stimulates blood circulation, it is widely used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

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But can kids eat water melon? Well, babies below the age of two shouldn't be fed with water melon. But after that age, you can offer water melon to your kid and the benefits are as follows.


Benefit #1

Only after your kid reaches the age of two years, you can feed him with water melon. This fruit helps your kid in maintaining water balance. Especially, during dry months, it prevents dehydration.


Benefit #2

Watermelon also contains beta carotene and vitamin A. Your kid needs such vitamins for healthy skin, eyesight and teeth.


Benefit #3

The nutrients present in water melon can prevent vision disorders, cardiovascular issues and some other health issues in the long run.


Benefit #4

Kids need calcium for bone development and magnesium for muscle growth and nerve function. Watermelon offers both of these minerals.


Benefit #5

Water melon also contains vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine. These vitamins are necessary in the growing stages.


Benefit #6

Watermelons are rich in vitamin C. As this vitamin boosts immunity and helps the body absorb iron well, it is good for kids.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 11:34 [IST]
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