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Things That Swell During Pregnancy

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Swelling is considered to be part of pregnancy as the body tends to produce more fluids and blood in that phase. Certain estimates say that the fluid production goes 50% more than the normal just to meet the pregnancy requirements.

As the body may need to expand a bit to accommodate the growing foetus, fluids are secreted more to soften the body and keep it elastic.

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Also, fluids play an important role in lubricating certain tissues and joints to ease the process of delivery. In fact, these fluids are the among the reasons for weight gain during pregnancy.

Swelling may occur in most of the pregnant mothers during any phase of pregnancy. But most commonly they may occur during the third trimester or the fifth month.



The most common thing in some pregnant women is swollen feet. Your footwear may feel tight and unfit all of a sudden but hat could be due to swollen feet.



Don't be surprised if your lips are swollen one fine morning during pregnancy. Puffed up lips are not so common but in some mothers lips do swell during pregnancy. If they pain, you can go to a doctor; otherwise you don't need to worry much.



Swollen and tender breasts are very common in almost all pregnant moms. In fact 10-15 days after conception, breasts may start swelling and may increase in size. Things get back to normal after the breast feeding phase.



In some women, the blood vessels in the nose may start swelling during pregnancy. If your nose bleeds or swells, ensure that you stay hydrated. Also, applying ice could decrease the swell.



Swollen legs could be edema during pregnancy. After the third trimester, fluid buildup may occur inside the tissues and may cause the swelling.



On some days, you may wake up with a swollen face too, but you don't need to visit the doctor unless it feels painful.



Studies claim that pregnancy gingivitis cold cause swollen gums in some mothers. That phase could be painful as teeth tend to become sensitive, painful and gums may start bleeding. Consulting a dentist could cure the issue.



In some women, the blue veins may show up on the skin. That could be due to swollen veins. This happens in rare cases.

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