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Why Is It Important To Know Your Blood Group

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We all know that the blood that flows in all of us is same in colour. But when it comes to its type, we all have different types of blood in us. There are 4 types namely A, B, Ab, O.

Now, do you really need to know about your blood group? How does it help? Well, there are some benefits if you know what type of blood flows in you.

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Every blood group comes with different set of needs, qualities and requirements. So, if you know your type, you can research more on what kind of a lifestyle suits you. That helps you tailor-make your lifestyle in such a way that you stay healthy. Read on...



Each blood group benefits from different foods. For example, if your blood type is A, vegetables are healthy for you, not meat. If your blood type is O, you may need fish and meat as your body needs more protein. B group people may need to eat red meat and avoid other types of meat. Those of blood type AB can benefit from seafood and lean meat. So, knowing your blood group helps you understand what kind of foods benefit you better.



People of some blood groups get stressed up faster than others (example: O type). So, if you know your blood group, you can find better ways to relax and avoid stress.


Health Issues

Each blood group is vulnerable to certain health issues. If you know your blood type, you will be able to research on the health conditions that you need to be careful about.

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Each blood group comes with a set of qualities. For example, people of type A are generally artistic and peaceful; people of O type are social, confident, creative; people of B are strong and independent; people of AB type are reliable, shy, caring and responsible.



Depending upon your blood group, your partner's blood group and your child's group, it could be easier to determine the health issues one might experience.



Some blood types accumulate belly fat faster than others. For example, O type is fast to build belly fat whereas people of A type are said to rarely suffer belly fat buildup.

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Some blood groups are said to conceive sooner than others.



You can also choose a suitable workout if you know your blood type. For example, people of B type can choose martial arts or tennis or any activity which is challenging whereas people of type A can choose something relaxing like yoga.



In case of an emergency, if you know your blood group, you will be given faster treatment as your doctor doesn't need to spend time on identifying your blood group.

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