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Is It Bad To Skip Breakfast?


Those who are busy, skip the morning meal. Some people who don't feel hungry in the morning may also feel like skipping the breakfast.

But a majority of the health experts say that skipping the morning meal is dangerous. But there are a group of fasting enthusiasts who say that intermittent fasting is healthier than eating breakfast.

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Well, there are surely some positive aspects of following intermittent fasting. But when the right amount of calories and nutrients are not consumed and the right levels of activity are not maintained, intermittent fasting could backfire.

For others like us who don't have time to count calories or workout, skipping breakfast could be disastrous. Let us discuss more...


Fact #1

If you skip your morning meal, your risk of type 2 diabetes may increase. Insulin resistance and hormonal issues may arise. Even the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular issues may increase.

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Fact #2

Your blood sugar levels may dip and this could make your day frustrating. Yes, your moods get affected if you don't eat anything.


Fact #3

Your focus levels may increase. Some people who skip breakfast tend to have a sharper focus in the morning. But here, it is important to get all the necessary nutrients in the other meals of the day.


Fact #4

Skipping the morning meal may also rise the acidity levels. The acid in the stomach could hurt the linings when no food is there to digest.


Fact #5

People who follow intermittent fasting don't eat anything in the morning. They tend to look young as the body gets a chance to throw out toxins and keep the system clean. But unless your doctor allows you to do intermittent fasting, it isn't advisable.

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Fact #6

Your energy levels may dip. To keep your energy levels stable, eating something is advisable.


Fact #7

If there isn't enough glucose, you may experience headaches and dizziness.

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Fact #8

Your chances of becoming obese could increase if you skip breakfast. Only people who train well and eat nutritious food could stay healthy doing intermittent fasting. So, for most of us eating breakfast is very important and skipping it is dangerous.

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