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Is Okra (Ladyfinger) Good For People With Diabetes?
Diabetes is a chronic and fast-growing disease, also known for many permanent complications on different body systems. Diet plays a vital role in maintaining glucose levels and keeping away all the related complications in diabetics. Okra or lady finger is ...
Is Okra Ladyfinger Good For People With Diabetes
15 Effective Weight Loss Tips For People With Diabetes
Weight loss in diabetes is an effective strategy to prevent related risk factors such as obesity and heart diseases. Overweight or obesity is a health problem that must be taken care of by everyone. But when it comes to diabetics, health ...
What Are The Adverse Effects Of Vanaspati?
Vanaspati is hydrogenated vegetable oil (fully or partially) which is solid at room temperature and has a better shelf life, flavour, physical properties and stability. As it is hydrogenated industrially, it contains a significant amount of trans fatty acids which is ...
What Are The Adverse Effects Of Vanaspati
Amazing Health Benefits Of Pine Nuts (Chilgoza Pine Nuts)
Pine nuts or say, chilgoza pine nuts are one of the most nutritional species of pine. They are edible seeds of pine tree fruit and are sweeter in taste. Some pine eaters, however, complain of bitter and metallic taste one or ...
Health Benefits Of Pine Nuts Chilgoza Pine Nuts
What Is Video Game Addiction? Know More About Its Health Consequences
Recently, due to concerns related to national security and transfer of user data without authorisation, the Indian government has banned around 118 Chinese-originated apps. including the most popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). The ban on PUBG has become a controversy due ...
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