What Is Office Syndrome?

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Gone are the days when people had to work only in the office and went home to relax. In today's world, you have to compete day in and day out.

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Targets, goals and deadlines; your thoughts revolve around these all the time. Even your dreams are based on those numbers. You work hard in the office and never take rest. Even when you are resting, you keep looking at your mobile or browse through the internet.

Gradually, this kind of work life may cause something known as office syndrome. To put it in a nutshell, a sedentary lifestyle in the cubicle causes this. Long periods of sitting can gradually kill.

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Also, your sitting position, spine and neck alignment, the stress experienced by your shoulders, wrists, fingers, joints waist, knees, back and eyes- all of them contribute to office syndrome. Some sources claim that this syndrome can even lead to paralysis if one is careless!


Back And Neck Pain

Back pain and neck pain are among the main symptoms of office syndrome. Your sitting position, your chair, table and your keyboard- all contribute to poor posture and in the long run, they may affect your whole body.

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Fat Accumulation

If you are accumulating fat after joining the new job then you are almost close to acquiring office syndrome. A sedentary lifestyle first causes obesity.



Prolonged sitting could also cause inflammation of certain organs and even hemorrhoids!


Dry Eye Syndrome

Prolonged sitting and watching the computer screen and mobile screen can cause dry eye syndrome.

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If you are spending so much time in closed air conditioned spaces without proper ventilation, even infections like cold can spread from other people around. some people even suffer breathing issues due to office syndrome.


Repetitive Stress Injury

Repeated use of fingers on the keyboard may cause repetitive stress injury. This could occur even in the wrists, elbows or shoulders.

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Heart Issues

Sedentary lifestyle is very bad for your heart. So get up, stretch, walk and keep yourself fit before office syndrome kills you!

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