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What Is The One Minute Workout?

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Why most of us never spend time on workouts? Well, we don't have time, right? What if we can find something that helps us stay fit but takes only one minute to perform?

Well, the concept of one minute workout is exactly that. It takes only one minute. But wait, you need to spend one minute from every hour of your working day.

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This idea revolves around getting up from your office chair once an hour and performing an exercise for one minute and again getting back to work. Doing it 8-9 times a day can surely up your fitness levels and enhance productivity. Read on to know more...

Caution: Consult your doctor before trying any workout.


9 AM: Jumping Jacks

As soon as you go to your office, perform a few jumping jacks for one minute. Don't worry about the repetitions. Start your work after that.


10 AM: Pushups

By 10 Am, get up from your seat and perform pushups for exactly a minute. But don't forget to stretch your hands and shoulders before pushing up. Slight warm helps.

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11 AM: Squats

After working for another hour, get up and perform squats for a minute and get back to work. Before squatting, gently move your legs and free them.


1 PM: Lunch

Don't perform any workout one hour before and one hour after your lunch.

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3:30 PM: Chair Dips

After 3 Pm, again you can get up and perform chair dips for a minute without counting the reps.


4:30 PM: Lunges

Perform lunges for a minute and and have your evening tea or snack.

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5:30 PM: Stair Jog

Jog up the stairs of your office for a minute in the evening.

This way, you can just spend only one minute every hour of your working day and still manage to stay fit, say health experts.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 19, 2017, 9:38 [IST]
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