What Happens If You Drink Too Much Water?

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We know that dehydration kills. What about over hydration? Well, even that kills too! Drinking too much of water could also be as damaging as drinking less water.

Lots of water can disturb the levels of certain minerals in your body. Generally, sports people, drug addicts or people with kidney issues could fall prey to over hydration. But anyone who drinks too much of water could suffer over hydration.

It is difficult to determine how much water one should drink as all of us are different. Some people may need more water whereas some people may need less. Also, your metabolism, gender, age, height, weight and climatic conditions also determine your water necessities.

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But the general assumption is around 6-8 glasses a day. Now, let us discuss various facts about over hydration.


Fact #1

Drinking too much of water could disturb your body's balance of certain salts and minerals. When the levels of sodium dips below normal levels (135mEq/L), you might even develop a condition known as hyponatremia. Imagine what happens when your cells swell. If it occurs in the brain, it is dangerous!


Fact #2

Some sports people who constantly need to replace fluids in their body sometimes may go over board and suffer over hydration. That is when they fall prey to dilutional-hyponatremia.

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Fact #3

Sport drinks come with sodium in order to prevent the imbalance of sodium levels in the body due to over hydration.


Fact #4

Some other effects of over hydration include headaches, muscle cramps, irritability, confusion, and weakness.

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Fact #5

In some people, over hydration could also cause vomiting, poor appetite, nausea, fatigue, hallucinations, swelling in the brain and restlessness. It could even upset the blood pressure.


Fact #6

Even your kidneys undergo lot of stress if you drink too much of water. So people with kidney issues might need to be careful about the quantity of water they drink.


Fact #7

The human body can flush out only around 400-500 ml an hour. So, if you constantly drink lots of water every hour, imagine the load your kidneys have to take. So, too much of anything disturbs the body's natural balance.

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Story first published: Friday, January 13, 2017, 9:11 [IST]
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