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How To Live Longer

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How to prolong your life? If you can find a way to prevent life-threating disorders, you will be able to live longer.

With age, your body loses its natural healing abilities. If you can design your lifestyle in a healthy way, your body will effortlessly move through life.

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Putting aside genetic factors that contribute to diseases, there are many other lifestyle-related factors that affect health and kill us sooner.

If you can remove all health-damaging habits out of your lifestyle, you are almost on the right path. Here are some more tips to enjoy a long life.


Every Meal Matters...

You can't be healthy overnight. Good health is a result of your eating, sleeping and drinking habits over a period of time. Every single meal in your life contributes to your health. If you wish to live long, choose every meal with care. Healthy food is a good preventive measure.


Get Your Daily Dose Of Antioxidants

Grapes, bellpeppers and berries are some foods rich in antioxidants. Get some antioxidants everyday as they can slow down your ageing process.

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Don't Miss Omega Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids fight inflammation. Get some nuts and fish like salmon.


Supply Enough Fluids

Water has many roles to play apart from regulating metabolism and managing your skin. Drink enough.


Add Protein To Every Meal...

Ensure that a bit of protein is included in every meal as it is necessary to keep your muscles going when you are ageing. If not meat, try to go for nuts, beans or yoghurt.


Go Out

Sitting at home for too long isn't good. Social isolation is also unhealthy. At least, in the evenings, come out of your house and go for a walk. As you age, isolation could increase the chances of falling prey to depression.

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No More Fake Foods

As you start ageing, it is better to slowly avoiding all foods with empty calories. They promote inflammation and mess up with your health.


Don't Sit For Too Long

All diseases wait for an opportunity to pounce upon the ones who sit for too long. So, get up once an hour and stretch and move a bit before getting back to your work.


Brush Well

Oral health is the first step towards good heath. Dental problems also play a role in your overall health. So, clean your teeth well and keep dental issues at bay if you wish to live long.


Breathe Well

You live because you breathe in oxygen. Breathing techniques relax you and prolong your life if you do them regularly.

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Sweat It Out

If you can sweat thrice a week, you are doing a good job in prolonging your lifespan. Staying active can prevent many health issues that come with age. So, never miss your workouts.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2017, 9:13 [IST]
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