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Disc Desiccation – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment
Disc desiccation is considered a normal part of ageing. The spine is composed of bones known as vertebrae. In between these vertebrae, there are fluid-filled discs. These discs can begin to turn smaller and less flexible as they dehydrate . ...
9 Ways You Are Unknowingly Harming Your Immune System
We would definitely know of the popular quote, "Health Is Wealth", right? However, we may not completely grasp the importance of this quote, until we experience ill-health! For instance, there are people who continue with their unhealthy lifestyle, which includes following ...
9 Surprising Reasons For Frequent Urination
Imagine this, you are in an important meeting at work, which started right after you used the restroom, but 20 minutes into the meeting, you feel like you want to pee, again! Well, this can be quite frustrating and embarrassing as ...
Surprising Reasons For Frequent Urination
Natural Remedies To Give Your Skin A Major Hydration Boost
Dehydration of your skin can lead to various unsightly breakouts and leave your skin feeling rough. This type of skin condition can occur because of internal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle choices or external factors. It goes without saying that dealing with this ...
Natural Remedies To Give Your Skin A Major Hydration Boost
Electrolyte Imbalance During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, the number of times you urinate tends to increase. And do you know how this could affect you? Well, you may lose electrolytes. If your body is deprived of electrolytes, it isn't good for your baby too. If you ...
Reasons Why Your Muscles Are Cramping All The Time
You don't have to be an athlete or a marathoner to know about the pangs of muscle cramps. The young, old, active and even the sedentary are all susceptible to muscle cramps. These can actually come when you least expect it. ...
Reasons Why Your Muscles Are Cramping All The Time
Excess Protein Consumption Can Lead To These Problems
It is a known universal fact that every cell and organ in the body needs protein. Your hard earned muscles are happy with the protein intake. Protein keeps your stomach from growling an hour after you eat and your metabolism humming ...
Excess Protein Consumption And Health Problems
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