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Beware Of Nervous Breakdown Signs! It Could Happen To Anyone Due To Stress!

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What's nervous breakdown? And how to handle it? It is a condition in which stress overwhelms you. You seem to explode! You might not be able to even function normally in such a situation. Everything seems to come to a standstill.

That's how dangerous stress is. It simply seems to break you apart and drive you to a point of psychological burnout.

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And you know what? Even an issue like a break up could cause it. Even financial issues can cause it. Whatever stresses you overwhelmingly, can cause a nervous break down!

And how does it feel like? Well, here are the symptoms...


Sign #1

You feel very anxious. You feel depressed. The stress seems to never end. And your body finds it tough to cope up with.


Sign #2

You feel like crying out loud. Some people uncontrollably cry when they experience a nervous breakdown. Nothing seems to console you. All your inner resources and strength seem to dry up and you seem to lack strength to bear it anymore.

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Sign #3

Some people experience loss of confidence, self esteem and deep sense of fear or guilt overwhelming them especially if a particular incident causes nervous breakdown.


Sign #4

Some may have sleepless nights and some people sleep too much when they are going through a nervous breakdown.


Sign #5

Stress fatigues the whole system. The body becomes too weak unable to cope up with the internal mess that stress chemicals create. Even simple things seem difficult to handle as the body lacks enough resource to manage the mess.

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Sign #6

Even activities that give pleasure (including sex) seem uninteresting as libido dips drastically and depressive thoughts overwhelm.


Sign #7

Some people stop eating whereas some people overeat. Cortisol which is a stress hormone could cause unhealthy cravings in some.


Sign #8

Everything pains. Even headaches keep troubling you. And stomach pain could also accompany. The digestive system goes haywire and either constipation or diarrhea follows. Yes, stress can affect the digestive system.

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Sign #9

Brain fog is another symptom. Cognitive faculties fail to function well. A state of confusion and worry glooms your world.


Sign #10

Some people also experience struggle to breathe properly as there is a feeling of tightness in the chest.

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What To Do

If you see any of the above symptoms, rush to a doctor. And then you need to also find certain ways to cope up with the situation.

Exercise is one good coping mechanism. Talk about your problems with a loved one and seek support. Play with pets and feel good. If change of place helps, try that too. By all means seek medical assistance.

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