What Causes Female Stress?

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Many studies indicate that women are more vulnerable to stress and their effects on the mind and the body.

Men and women are wired in a different way and their reactions to stress could also be different. Women might need more of oxytocin to combat stress. This chemical gets released when they spend in the company of a loved one.

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In fact, women are said to get affected by bad relationships more than men. A survey indicates that women who don't receive 'loving touch' may find it difficult to cope up with stress.

Here are some more facts about female stress...


Fact #1

More 70% of the women who face relationship issues undergo high levels of stress. Some of them may also experience hair loss and irregularities in their menstrual cycles.

On the other side, women who spend more time with loved ones and pets seem to overcome their stress levels easily.


Fact #2

When the relationship between the mother and the kid is strained, it could be another reason for high levels of stress in women.

Sometimes, women find it tough to play many roles at a time. Such stressful conditions in the long run may also cause depression in women.

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Fact #3

While men suffer more from anger issues and addiction issues, women tend to suffer high levels of stress.

Housework stress contributes to this problem in most of the women who have to take up numerous household chores.


Fact #4

Lack of proper nutrition makes things worse for women who combat stress. The body needs enough of healthy food.

On the contrary, women might end up eating more of junk foods especially when they face stress.


Fact #5

60% of the women who have health issues or hormonal issues tend to suffer stress more than others.

In fact a irregular periods may also cause stress in some.

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Fact #6

80% of the working women who have to spend an entire day at a stressful work environment tend to suffer stress more than anyone else.

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Fact #7

Health experts recommend yoga, meditation, exercise and a healthy diet to beat stress.

Also, spending enough time with loved ones and keeping yourself active helps a lot in dealing with stress.

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Story first published: Friday, January 27, 2017, 10:30 [IST]
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