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8 Foods That Lower Your Testosterone Levels
Testosterone is the male sex hormone, however, women also produce small amounts of testosterone in their ovaries and adrenal glands. But, many factors are involved in the regulation of testosterone including a proper diet. A healthy diet is important to maintain ...
Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels

Shaving Tips And Tricks For Women
Body hair is a normal thing. But as women, we all love a smooth and hairless body. And removing that unwanted hair can be a tedious and painful task. Waxing is the most common way to get rid of the body ...
Shaving Tips For Women
Essential Oils To Boost Fertility In Women
Fertility is a common problem among women nowadays. With a hectic lifestyle, stress and wrong diet, an increasing number of women are having trouble conceiving. The abuse of birth control pills further adds to the problem. Infertility in women can occur ...
What You Need To Know About Hormonal Headaches
Being a woman could have health advantages like longevity and higher pain tolerance, but not when it comes to hormonal headaches. Fluctuating hormones is a major contributing factor in migraines and chronic headaches. The hormone levels keep changing during the menstrual ...
Hormonal Headaches Causes Symptoms Treatment Prevention
What Does A Pap Smear Test Tell You?
A Pap smear is a microscopic examination of the cells collected as a sample from the uterine cervix. It is named after the doctor who created this screening test. What Is Pap Smear Test? Also called Pap test, Pap smear is ...
The Abs Diet: 9 Guidelines For Men & Women
If you are busy sculpting your abs with twists, crunches and static holds to build strong muscles without focusing on an abs diet, then you are very less likely to reach your goal. To achieve a chiselled and washboard look, you ...
Guidelines Abs Diet Men Women
10 Ways To Get Six-pack Abs For Women
Washboard abs or six-pack abs is a flat tummy that shows your chiselled abs, which do more than just amplifying your X factor. Jennifer Lopez is one of the well-renowned Hollywood celebrities who adorns her washboard abs gracefully, making you envy ...
Relationship Goals; You Need To Do This In The Relationship
In every relationship, there is a possibility that you lack something. It may be communication, lack of time spent with each other and so on. Experts believe that the best way to keep your relationship alive and going, is to follow ...
Relationship Goals You Need Do This The Relationship
Law Of Attraction; Attractive Characteristics Of A Woman
Every woman has her own charm. Women always have their ways to attract the attention of a guy. Sometimes, without any intention, these charms work their way out. No matter what guys are doing or where they are just by watching ...
Top Health Warnings For Women In Their 30s
When women hit their 30s, they are very often associated with the beginning of age-related ailments. True to a certain extent, there are quite a few obvious reasons that have made few ailments top the list of diseases/disorders when talking about ...
Top Health Warnings For Women In Their Thirties
Vacation Goals For Romantic Couples This Winter
How to bring romance into a relationship and become closer to each other? The answer is travelling. This befits the best in order to catch the attention of the couple and spend quality time travelling. There are many places or I ...

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