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This Method Boosts Your Immunity In 10 Seconds!!

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Immunity is truly a gift. If your immune system is strong, you can lead a healthy and a happy life without suffering pain and diseases.

But unfortunately, today's environment or food aren't really immune boosting. That is why there are so many home remedies and tips for immunity posted everywhere on the net.

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Here is one such simple home remedy that sounds too good to be true. But some professors say that it works. Read on to know...


Here's The Folk Remedy

Here is the remedy: take a basin. Add 10-20 ice cubes. Add a few glasses of cold water. Dip your feet in it for 10 seconds. Do it before bed.


How Often?

Once a day, that too, after you go home in the evening. After a day's work, soaking your feet in ice-cold water might shock your whole system. But this habit is said to boost the immune system.

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How Does It Help?

A Russian professor believes that this habit prepares the body to fight against certain infections like cold.


Fact #1

A recent study claims that cold showers are good. In people who take cold showers, the white blood cell count is said to be more. We all know that white blood cells fight diseases.

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Fact #2

During a cold shower, the body first tries to keep itself warm. Then the rate of metabolism is said to increase. And then the immune system is said to be activated.

And then more number of white blood cells are said to be produced. Somehow this whole process seems to make the body resilient.


Fact #3

Another study supports this. It says swimming in cold water once a month is good. This practice is said to cause oxidative stress. The body tries to adapt itself to the external conditions and that is how it strengthens the immunity.

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Fact #4

Some studies claim that people with weak immunity can see improvement if they dip feet in ice water for 10 seconds twice or thrice a day. But wait! First talk to your doctor. Try it only if your doctor allows you to.

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