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6 Amazing Benefits Of Ice Cubes For Your Health
Ice cubes are our go-to relief product when there is a sprain or a muscle pull. Apart from giving your drinks a cool feeling, these solid cubes could be used to cure several diseases as well. It may come off as ...
Healing Power Of Ice

The Ice Diet: Is It Effective For Weight Loss?
What Is The Ice Diet? Add one-two ice cubes in a glass of water and then drink the ice water. This not just helps in quenching your thirst but surprisingly aids in losing weight as well. How you may wonder. Brian ...
12 Best Foods For Stomach Flu
Stomach flu is an infection of the stomach and intestines. It is caused by viruses, but it also can be caused by bacteria and other parasites. The initial stages of stomach flu start with chills, fever and nausea, which transform into ...
Best Foods For Stomach Flu
13 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Tongue Blisters
The steaming cup of coffee or tea can sometimes be too hot for the tongue if it is very warm. Having any food which is too hot can cause blisters or sores on the tongue that may take a couple of ...
Top 11 Home Remedies For Neck Pain To Ease Pain Naturally
The neck is an essential body part with its intricate structure and wide range of mobility, which needs to remain in a good condition to support healthy functioning and movement of your body. When there is a neck pain, it makes ...
Top 11 Home Remedies For Neck Pain To Ease Pain Naturally
What? Is Ice Bad For Injuries?
Yes, some studies say that ice is bad for injuries. One of the easiest remedy to deal with an injury is an ice pack. It seems to reduce pain instantly and that is why we still use it. But ice delays ...
Mango Popsicle Recipe: Make Mango Ice At Home
Come summers and we all scream for ice cream. Especially kids long for that orange candy bars that are available at the ice cream stalls. We, as parents, do feel that it may not be healthy for kids to have them. ...
Mango Popsicle
Top Home Remedies For Diabetic Foot Pain
Foot pain is usually caused due to different reasons. But if you're one of those suffering from diabetes, then the kind of foot pain that occurs can be excruciating. Foot pain can also lead to other problems like ingrown nails, dry ...
Why Drinking Iced-tea Is Bad For You
Drinking iced tea may increase risk of cholera in endemic countries because Vibrio cholerae, the bacteria which spreads the disease, might be present in ice as well, suggests new research from Vietnam. The finding may have important implications in fighting the ...
Drinking Iced Tea Linked To Cholera Risk
The Dos And Don'ts Of Healing Sore Muscles
Sharp or shooting pain signals an injury worth listening. Feeling body soreness a day or two after a tough workout is perfectly healthy. However, sometimes, the extra push that you give yourself while working out might damage your muscles, creating microtears. ...
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