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12 Safe And Effective Tips For Diabetic Foot Care
Diabetics are at an increased risk of foot ulceration and foot pain. High glucose levels in the body cause neuropathic (damage to the nerves) and microvascular (narrowing and stiffening of blood vessels) changes, which makes them prone to wounds and injuries. ...
Safe And Effective Tips For Diabetic Foot Care

How To Use Pumice Stone To Heal Dry And Cracked Feet
For all that our feet endure, they certainly do not get the pampering they deserve. Thus begins the cycle of dry and cracked feet. Dry and cracked feet not only look bad but feel bad as well. The rough texture and ...
14 Home Remedies For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy
Your feet take the most brute of your pregnancy weight. Also, your body produces almost 50% more fluids and blood during pregnancy which may cause your hands, legs, face and feet to swell . Most of the women notice swelling ...
Home Remedies For Swollen Feet During Pregnancy
How To Deal With In-Toeing And Out-Toeing In Children
Many a times, we find an abnormality in the walking trait of infants or children. It may develop from the time they started walking or even in the later years. Some children walk with their feet facing inwards or outwards instead ...
Intoeing And Out Toeing In Toddlers Causes Treatment
Swollen Feet? Try This Fabulous Aloe Vera Foot Soak!
Have you woken up to swollen feet? If you have, you might exactly know what we are talking about. You might think swollen feet is caused due to some severe illness. Well, guess what? That's where you are wrong! Swollen feet ...
Natural Home Remedies For Itchy Feet
Itchy feet is usually the result of some sort of fungal infection on the skin. Athlete's foot, as it is generally called, can be one of the main reasons of one having an itchy foot. It is a condition where there ...
Natural Home Remedies Itchy Feet
Try These Easy Sugar Scrubs For Your Feet
Sugar is a common ingredient found in every kitchen. But have you ever wondered on the role that it plays in solving several skin-related issues? Exfoliation keeps our skin brighter, cleaner and healthier. Proper exfoliation of the skin can solve a ...
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