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What Is Teatox?

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You might have heard about detox, but what is teatox? It is nothing but the process of detoxifying using tea.

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If you hate to drink green smoothies soon after waking up, then you can always try teatox. Most of the teatox plans involve consuming tea which contains various medicinal ingredients.

Some of the teatoxes available in the market promise detoxification, enhanced energy levels and weight loss. Well, weight loss depends upon various other factors and drinking tea alone may not help in that process.

The general teatox that is available in the market contains two different teas- one to be consumed in the morning and the other one in the evening. As herbal teas cleanse the body of toxins and promote natural healing, this practice isn't a bad one.

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Though the products that are sold in the name of teatox contain unique combination of various ingredients, it is better to consult a doctor if you wish to try them. In fact, you can plan your own teatox program and prepare your own tea and detoxify yourself.



Firstly, you can plan your teatox program for at least 30 days. This means, for the next 30 days, your day must start with having a herbal tea.



What are your expectations? Well, don't expect anything else apart from feeling fresh due to the detoxification. Don't expect any weight loss unless your diet and activity levels are favourable.



Start your day with either green tea or herbal tea. Add lemon drops to your tea and enjoy a cup as soon as you wake up.



Take a cup of hot water and place a teabag in it for exactly 3 minutes. And then add 3 drops of honey and 6 drops of lemon juice to it. Don't add sugar to it.



During the first few days, you will observe enhanced digestive action, feeling of relaxation and good energy levels. It prevents constipation and bloated feelings.



In some people, tea in the morning can work like a laxative too. In some, tea can control cravings. In some people, it is also said to boost metabolism.



For better results, stay away from smoking, drinking and processed foods till your 30 day teatox period is over. After 30 days, you will surely feel much better and light.

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