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6 Impressive Health Benefits Of Buckwheat Tea
If you are bored of drinking the same old herbal tea and want to try something new, then switch to buckwheat tea. Buckwheat tea is the new health fad nowadays, because it provides an array of health benefits from helping in ...
Health Benefits Of Buckwheat Tea

11 Proven Health Benefits Of Honeybush Tea
Honeybush tea is brewed from the leaves of the honeybush plant, which is native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The plant, also known as Cyclopia is marked by attractive yellow flowers that smell of fresh honey and the leaves ...
What Is Ballerina Tea? Its Benefits And Side Effects
We are not strangers to the plethora of herbal teas available in the market now. From chamomile tea which has calming effects to refreshing hibiscus tea and brain-healthy sage tea, the varieties are never-ending. Among the vast world of ...
Ballerina Tea Benefits Side Effects
Green Tea: Health Benefits, Side Effects & How To Make
Green tea is touted as one of the healthiest beverages. It is one of the most consumed beverages in Japan because green tea is considered to be anti-ageing. According to a study, green tea contains the highest number of antioxidants which ...
16 Healthiest Things To Add To Your Daily Tea
Having the same thing over and over again can bore anyone out. Your daily tea habit can become a victim of the palate boredom due to the bland and banal flavour of the tea. Worry not, by blending in some additives ...
Things To Add To Tea For Better Health
What Is Matcha Tea And What Are Its Benefits?
Matcha tea is in demand lately and its growing popularity has led to matcha shots, lattes, teas and even desserts appearing everywhere from health stores to coffee shops. What Is Matcha Tea? Matcha tea comes from the plant, Camellia sinensis. It is ...
9 Best Herbal Teas That Can Help Treat Diarrhoea
When you suffer from diarrhoea, your body loses fluids and nutrients that are essential for the functioning of all the body systems. This causes an imbalance in the body and symptoms like dizziness, physical weakness and abdominal pain occur. Though diarrhoea ...
Best Herbal Teas That Can Help Treat Diarrhoea
Weight Loss And Other Health Benefits Of Butter Tea
What is Tibetan butter tea? Tibetan butter tea, also known as Po Cha, is a drink of the people in the Himalayan regions of Bhutan, Nepal, India and most famously it is a drink of the Tibetans. In this article, we ...
International Tea Day: Fun Facts About Tea
Today, 15th of December, is marked as the 'International Tea Day', and we being Indians cannot miss the opportunity of celebrating this day! This day was first celebrated in the year 2005 by the tea-producing countries but now it has spread ...
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