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Why Men Should Wear Underwear?

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Remove your underwear every night before sleeping. It is good for the blood circulation to your privates. But never try to stay the whole day without wearing anything inside the pants.

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Though there are some men who wish to enjoy that freedom, it isn't safe to go out without underwear for many reasons.

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Can you drive a two wheeler without wearing a helmet? In the same way, your delicate parts need protection and security. If you still have doubts about this matter, read on to know about the reasons why you must wear underwear if you are a man.


It Prevents Crotch Rot

When you wear wet clothes or tight ones, your skin may develop a skin issue known as crotch rot. Underwear may minimise this risk.


It Prevents Chaffing

Your skin feels irritated due to the friction that is caused when it rubs against itself or against clothes. Underwear avoids that unwanted contact.


Those Leakages

Accidental leakage could occur due to many reasons like age, incontinence or health issues. The discharge may spoil your pants and may cause bacterial outgrowth but wearing underwear may save you.


It Absorbs Sweat

Underwear successfully absorbs the sweat in that pubic area and keeps the area clean. You don't want fishy smell down there, right?


Protects Your Privates When You Run Or Jump

If you are adventurous, if you love climbing, jumping, running or simply kicking in the air, then never venture into such acts without underwear. Your private parts may get crushed.


It Will Hide An Unwanted Erection

During the day, you may experience involuntary erections when you are in the workplace. You will feel embarrassed if you don't have underwear to hide that bulge.


That Wet Spot...

After you come out of the restroom, a wet spot on your pants will make you feel bad and it would also embarrass others. Underwear can cover it.

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Story first published: Friday, July 29, 2016, 6:34 [IST]
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