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Side Effects Of Whey Protein

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Most of us are aware of the fact that milk comes with two different proteins out of which whey protein is one. The other one is known as casein. The reason why whey protein has good reputation is because it comes with loads of amino acids which are essential.

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Yes, whey protein has many health benefits. When consumed in the right way, it can lower cholesterol, cut excess weight, prevent cancer, asthma, lower BP and so on. In fact, it is used in many of your daily products like ice creams, breads, soups, formula powders and so on.

As your body can quickly digest it, most of the protein supplements come with it. It has become an important ingredient in the supplement industry. But the only problem is that not all products are processed in the same way.

Each manufacturer follows a different way to process a product. Some of the products are high in sugars and some of them aren't really great for health. And it isn't easy to analyse the safety, purity and side effects of the powders you get in the market.

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But to put it in a nutshell, it is why protein is healthy when you consume it in moderation and don't overdo it. If you over consume it, there could be some side effects. Here are they...


Risk #1

Abnormal heart rhythms, headaches, liver issues, stomach issues, diabetes risk, cholesterol issues and kidney issues are some of the side-effects of excessive consumption of whey protein.


Risk #2

In some people regulation of blood sugars becomes a problem if too much of whey is consumed as it lowers the levels of blood sugar.


Risk #3

Those who are suffering from low blood pressure may need to avoid the use of whey protein. This is because it can bring down the BP even more.


Risk #4

For some people the digestive system may go for a toss and cause constipation, cramps, gas, thirst, nausea, diarrhea etc.


Risk #5

Those who are allergic to milk products may need to stay away from it as it may cause diarrhea, skin rashes and vomiting.


Risk #6

Generally, whey protein can have a mild sedative effect; or at least it can make you feel drowsy. Therefore, you shouldn't handle any risky job soon including driving after consuming it.


Risk #7

Those who are under medication and those who suffer from stomach or intestine issues may need to stay away from it.


Risk #8

Those who have bleeding issues may suffer more as excessive consumption may raise the chances of bleeding.

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