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How To Absorb Nutrition From Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is nutritious. In coastal India, coconut is an integral part of all recipes. Coconut is good for your energy levels, metabolism and cholesterol levels in your body.

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It also boosts your immunity and keeps your body healthy. In fact, it can add a distinct flavour, smell and taste to your foods. This oil contains certain compounds that have therapeutic effects. It can also kill harmful bacteria.

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When applied on your skin, coconut oil acts as the best moisturiser. Also, some studies report that coconut oil is good for brain health too. Now, let us discuss how to absorb the nutrients present in coconut oil.


Tip #1

If you are into juices and smoothies, add a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil to your drinks. It can also be added to a glass of banana milk shake. It tastes good and is also healthy.


Tip #2

Simply consume a teaspoon of raw coconut oil. This way, you can easily absorb the nutrients in it; also, it reduces your appetite a bit which curbs your overeating habit. Try this half an hour before your big meal so that you can eat moderately.


Tip #3

If you hate the taste of raw coconut oil then you can add a few drops of it to your cup of tea or coffee. You can also reduce the sugar you add to the coffee or tea and add the coconut oil.


Tip #4

If you are bored of all the above options, you can also consume coconut. That is the easiest way to get all the nutrients provided by coconut oil.


Tip #5

Another good way to enjoy coconut oil is to roast your veggies in it instead of using any other oil. It adds flavour and taste to the veggies.


Tip #6

If you love to eat granola bar, add coconut oil to it. Even if you wish to prepare it at home, add coconut oil to make it more nutritious.


Tip #7

You can also add dried coconut to your salads or recipes. This is also a good way to get the nutrients that coconut has to offer.

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