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Health Reasons Behind Chapped Lips

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Chapped lips indicate that your body lacks enough of water. In fact, if you can tackle dehydration, you can cure chapped lips. Whether it is by consuming more water or consuming hydrating foods like water melons or strawberries, if you hydrate yourself well, you can avoid chapped lips.

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If your lips are becoming dry frequently then it means that your body is not able to retain enough moisture in your lips.

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When lips are dry, they tend to crack or bleed. That is why it is better to keep your lips hydrated. Now, let us discuss certain reasons why lips tend to become dry.



If you are suffering from fever and constantly feeling thirsty then dehydration could be the reason behind the chapped lips. When the temperature of your body is high due to fever, your body tends to lose water. You need to consume more water to hydrate your lips.



Vomiting causes fluid loss as lots of liquids are thrown out when you vomit. When you vomit, your skin tends to get dehydrated and this could lead to chapped lips.


Medical Conditions

Certain health issues like diabetes and amebiasis can also cause dehydration and may indirectly cause chapped lips.


Frequent Urination

If you have the habit of frequently urinating then it could be a reason behind chapped lips. Excessive alcohol consumption could also cause frequent urination.



If you have recently suffered diarrhea then it is quite natural to have chapped lips as your body tends to be dehydrated during that phase.



Sometimes, licking your lips could make them moist but if you overdo it, you may suffer chapped lips. Using a lip balm is a better idea.



Even climatic conditions influence your lips. Extreme heat, cold and wind could also be the reason behind dry lips. Your body tries to adjust itself to its surroundings and in the process, your lips tend to get dehydrated.

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