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Flaunt That Flawless Look Of Yours With This French Make-up Tutorial!
French women are undoubtedly the most beautiful ones. And, French women are known for their natural beauty, their glowing face and skin, and more importantly, their secret beauty tips. But, what makes them different? What makes their skin so beautiful? What ...
How To Do French Make Up
10 Mistakes You Make While Applying Mascara
If you like wearing make-up, you might know and understand the importance of using all the products correctly. As you might already know, make-up consists of various products like eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, concealer, foundation, lipstick, bronzer, and a mascara. And it ...
Recreate Priyanka Chopra's Glittery Eye Make-up Look!
We often look up to our favourite celebrities for make-up looks, fashionable wardrobe, or the way they carry themselves and sometimes even try to imitate them. With the festive season in full gear, we do need a lot of make-up tips ...
Master The Art Of Baby Face Make-up Today With These Tips!
Do you like wearing make-up? If you do, you might already own a make-up kit that consists of various products including an eyeshadow palette, a liner, mascara, primer, foundation, blush, colour corrector, and even concealer. But make-up is not just about ...
How To Do Baby Face Make Up
5 Benefits Of Cascara Sagrada For Skin & Hair
We have surely heard of various plant extracts, their uses and availability, and most of all their benefits for our skin & hair. You all might have heard about some common type of plant extracts and their benefits and uses, but ...
6 Home Remedies To Remove Burn Marks From The Skin
Burns are inevitable, and so are the marks. Everyone of us have suffered from some kind of burns at least once in our lives and ended up with a mark. The challenge then lies in getting rid of the mark that ...
Home Remedies For Burn Marks

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