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How To Use Vitamin C Serum In Your Skin Care Routine

Vitamin C serum is 'The' buzzing product in skincare. Vitamin C is an ingredient in skincare that has been used in various formulations and products. From your moisturiser to night creams, vitamin C is used in many forms. But, the serum remains the favourite. The best part- it can be applied underneath your favourite products to make them work more effectively.

You might have heard people using vitamin C serums and wondered why the serum form is so popular? Well, the reason for that lies in the formulation of the serums. Serums are in a concentrated form and are most likely to tackle a specific skin issue, in most case signs of skin ageing. They come in dropper bottles so you can really limit how much quantity you use, which you don't need to use much.

Now that you know why vitamin C in serum form is preferred, the next question arises is how to use vitamin C serum the right way. And we are here to tell you that exactly. Before that, let us look at the benefits of vitamin C which make the serum this potent.

How Does Vitamin C Help Your Skin?

Vitamin C is an elixir for your skin and can help you with most of your skin issues. Below are the major benefits of using vitamin C on your face.


Collagen, a protein in our body that gives you skin its firmness and elasticity is also responsible for the youthful appearance of the skin. Age, sun damage and environmental factors, however, diminishes collagen production in the skin and leads to signs of skin ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C fights skin ageing by boosting the collagen production in the skin and makes your skin firm, elastic and youthful.


Hyperpigmentation is a skin issue that has troubles many. It seems to us that there is no way we can fight the hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C might just be the answer you were looking for. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the colour of your skin and hair. More production of melanin leads to darker skin. Vitamin C reduces the melanin production in the skin and hence reduces hyperpigmentation.

Sun damage[3]

Sun damage is the worst and unfortunately one that we can't hide from (well, you will if you just put on sunscreen before your step out!). Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your skin against the UV-induced photodamage. What more would you want!

Reduces redness of the skin[4]

Apart from being the most effective natural antioxidant, vitamin C also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and reduces the redness of the skin to give you smooth and flawless skin.

How To Use Vitamin C Serum

While layering the skincare products, the rule is to move from thinnest to the thickest. That means you apply the product with thinnest consistency first and the thickest consistency at last. Serums come in between when it comes to consistency. So, if you are doing all the jazz, the serum is to be applied after toner and essence and before the moisturiser.

If you are just starting with the use of serums, here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Using a gentle cleanser wash your face.

Step 2: If you use toner, apply it next. You can totally skip the toner and move to the next step after washing your face.

Step 3: Take a few drops of serum, rub it between your palms and apply the serum on your face, neck and chest.

Step 4: Next, apply the moisturiser.

Step 5: As a final skincare step, apply a nice layer of sunscreen.

Step 6: Begin with your make-up routine.

Note: Between each step, wait for a few minutes for the product to get absorbed into the skin. Serums usually cause a tingling effect on the skin. So if you are using it the first time, do not be alarmed. It is important for people with sensitive skin to do a patch test before using a serum.

When Should You apply Vitamin C To Skin Care Routine??

While many people use the serum twice, once in the morning and once in the evening, we suggest you use it once a day. Either in the morning or evening as per your preference.

How Often To Use Vitamin C Serum?

You can use the vitamin C serum every single day.

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