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Bhringraj Oil: Benefits For Hair & How To Use
A good hair oil massage nourishes our hair like no other. While a good old hair oil massage is nothing new, we do try different oils to massage our hair with in the hopes of better nourishment. Bhringraj oil is an ...
How To Use Bhringraj Oil For Hair And Benefits

Bulletproof Coffee - Is It Good For Health?
Ever heard of a coffee that is designed to be drunk on an empty stomach instead of breakfast and before working out? Well, if you are a frequent gym-going person, then it is quite likely that you would have heard of ...
Essential Oils To Boost Fertility In Women
Fertility is a common problem among women nowadays. With a hectic lifestyle, stress and wrong diet, an increasing number of women are having trouble conceiving. The abuse of birth control pills further adds to the problem. Infertility in women can occur ...
16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Frankincense Oil
Frankincense oil is obtained from the aromatic resin from the frankincense tree, also known as olibanum. The therapeutic and healing propertiesof the essential oil gives it a prominent place in the world of essential oils. Widely used as an ingredient in ...
Frankincense Oil Uses And Benefits
Benefits Of Vitamin E For Skin
We all know that vitamin E benefits our health in several ways. It increases the blood circulation, keeps your heart healthy, etc. Like health it also benefits in enhancing our beauty and works well on our skin. We use vitamin E ...
Types Of Oil For Baby Massage That You Can Use
For a new born infant, body massage can do wonders. That is why people all over the world insist that new born babies are given a proper oil massage. The effect of a proper oil massage can be the healthy growth ...
Types Of Oil For Baby Massage That You Can Use
Do You Know Why Your Hair Is So Oily?
There's a lot of attention given to people with dry hair, with products designed specifically for dry hair. But what about the oily haired beauties? Oily hair can be equally bad, if not worse than dry hair. Oily hair tends to ...
Here Are The Oils That Can Help You Get Smooth Hair
Smooth hair looks gorgeous even without any styling. It is a sign of healthy hair and can raise your beauty quotient by notches. On the other hand, tangled hair looks rough and damaged. From product build-up in the scalp to excessive ...
Oils That Help You Get Smooth Hair
Does Vitamin C Oil Help Treat Acne?
Acne is something that all women have/had to deal with, at some point of their lives. As irritating as it already is, acne is very difficult to cure. Once the skin is affected with acne, it forms a viscous cycle, which ...
Ways To Use Almond Oil For A Brighter Complexion
A bright-looking skin is something we all dream of. From trying out skin-brightening creams to slathering multiple layers of makeup on the face, we all go to great lengths to achieve a brighter complexion. However, most store-bought creams are infused with ...
Ways To Use Almond Oil For Brighter Complexion
Amazing Essential Oils That Can Eliminate Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are narrow streaks that occur because of excessive stretching of the skin. These marks are stubborn and do not usually fade away easily. The most common places where these marks may occur are the abdomen, hips and thigh area. ...
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