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Holi 2022: Skin And Hair Care Tips To Protect Them From Damage On This Festival Of Colours

Who wouldn't want to play Holi? After all, it's a festival of exuberant colours and maddening celebrations, which brings with it a lot of fun, colours, and joy. No doubt, the festival excites us to step out of home and play with the colours to the fullest but it's also our mind that restrains us and reminds us that how harmful it can be to our skin and hair because of the harsh chemicals and toxic agents. Also, the struggle of getting these Holi colours off your skin and hair is real. We keep on washing our hair and skin over and over again just to get rid of colours but in return, we only end up damaging it.

We also understand that you eagerly wait for the festival to come and just can't escape all the fun but what best one can do is to take some necessary precautions before playing with the colours. With the right skin and hair care, you can easily protect your hair and skin from damage. Now, if you are looking for tips, you don't need to go anywhere as we have got you all covered. As Holi 2021 is just around the corner, we have come up with some best tips and ways to help you safeguard your skin and hair from Holi colours. Take a look.

Hair Care Tips

1. Oil Massage: The first and foremost tip to protect from damage is a good oil massage. Oiling your hair is the best way to protect your hair and many of you are even aware of it. So, before stepping out, make sure to cover all of your hair strands with a nice layer of oil. You can go for castor or coconut oil. It will be even good if your massage your hair from oil for about two days before Holi.

2. Avoid Shampoo Before Holi: Avoid washing your hair from shampoo just before playing Holi as clean hair gives an invitation to harmful coloured dust particles. Also, the shampoo will take off the oil present in your hair, which will make your hair dry, rough, and vulnerable.

3. Tie Up Your Hair: The best idea to prevent your hair from Holi colours is tying it up into a bun as it will expose only a certain part of your hair to the colour. Keeping your hair loose will expose all your hair to colour, which can be quite harmful, especially the ends. Either you can go for a braided ponytail or tie up your hair into a bun.

4. Cover Your Hair With Accessory: This is an even more helpful and useful tip to prevent your hair from being damaged. Covering your hair with an accessory will give no access to the chemical colours to enter into your hair and damage the scalp. Bandana, headband, hair bun cover, cap, hat, scarf, etc., are some accessories, which you can use to cover your hair. You can even tie a dupatta like a turban to look stylish as well.

5. Shampoo Followed By Conditioner: After playing holi, before you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, first, brush off the dry colours from hair and then wash your hair only with cold water for 10 minutes so that most of the colours come off. Then, take a chemical-free mild shampoo and hot water for cleansing. In fact, go for double-cleansing. Follow up with a good conditioner to bring back the shine and nourishment.

6. Hair Masks: After taking so many precautions, if your hair still looks dry and rough, try using hair masks to bring the shine and nourishment back. You can make a hair mask at home using honey, lemon juice, olive oil, curd, vinegar, etc. Also, give your hair a good oil massage after playing holi or use a good serum, to give your locks much-needed nourishment.

Skin Care Tips

1. Apply Sunscreen: This tip comes on the top of our list as it holds not one but two benefits. Applying sunscreen on your face will not only protect your skin from chemical colours but also from sun damage. And since the Indian summer is too harsh, you should literally bathe in sunscreen lotion before stepping out.

2. Oil Massage: Just like your hair, give your skin too a good oil massage. A good oil serves as a protecting layer not only for your hair but also for your skin. So, thoroughly apply oil to your skin and other exposed parts of your body. It is the most trusted and pocket-friendly way to prevent your skin from damage.

3. Get Style And Protection From Sunglasses: What better way to prevent your eyes from colours as well as sunlight than to wear sunglasses. It will not only act as a protection but also help you in looking cool and stylish.

4. Use Aloe Vera: We all know the benefits of aloe vera and how good it is for our skin. Applying aloe vera will keep your skin soft and will not allow the Holi colours to settle on your skin. So, cover up your body and face with aloe vera completely.

5. Thick Coat Of Lip Balm: Do you know the skin on your lips is ten times thinner than your body and so it needs extra care, attention, and protection before you step out to play with colours. The best way you can protect it from damage is by applying thick and multiple coats of lip balm on your lips.

6. Apply Nail Paint: It takes a lot of time, effort, attention, and care to grow your nails. So, do not let your beautiful nails get affected by Holi colours. To prevent it, apply thick layers of nail paint to your nails. If you are not a fan of big nails, it will be better if you cut them off and file them properly so that colours do not accumulate under your nails.

7. Use A Cleanser: After playing Holi, when you try to get the colours off your skin, be careful not to damage your skin by rubbing it harshly. Instead, use a good cleanser and a scrub to clean your skin pores thoroughly. You can also use oil to remove it.

We wish you a happy and safe Holi!

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