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Here's Why You Should Use A Sunscreen For Your Hair
We all are aware about the importance of using sunscreen for our skin. But, did you know about the importance of sunscreen for your hair? According to beauty experts, it is essential to protect your hair and scalp from the sun ...
Did You Know These 5 Side Effects Of Sunscreen Lotions?
We have been told time and again to use sunscreen lotions before stepping out in the sun. We have also been told to apply sunscreens before venturing into a swimming pool and also when indoors. Sure, application of sunscreen lotions is ...
Did You Know These 5 Side Effects Of Sunscreen Lotions
9 Dangerous Habits That Cause Skin Cancer
When it comes to the skin, most of us regard it from a beauty care point of view rather than the health part of it, right? For example, we take a lot of effort in following a regular skin care routine, ...
10 Dangerous Habits That Can Cause Cancer
Cancer has a major impact all around the world. According to the statistics, the most common cancers in 2016 are projected to be breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, kidney cancer, endometrial cancer and pancreatic ...
Dangerous Habits That Can Cause Cancer
Common Habits That Can Make You Look Way Older Than You Are
Are you looking way too older than your age? Then, turns out that you're also at fault for this. We agree that growing old is inevitable. But ageing before your time...well, this is something that you need to control by yourself. ...
Common Habits That Can Make You Look Way Older Than You Are
5 Amazing Home-made Sunscreen Recipes
Protecting your skin from the sun is very essential to maintain healthy skin. More and more people are waking up to the importance of sunscreen. In fact, you will find many people who swear by sunscreens and won't step out of ...
Homemade Sunscreen Recipes
New DNA Sunscreen Provides Better Skin Protection
Researchers have developed a coating made out of DNA that works like sunscreen to provide better skin protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays and keeps the skin hydrated."UV light can actually damage DNA, and that's not good for the skin," said Guy ...
How To Pick The Right Sunscreen For Your Skin Type
Sunscreen is more than a beauty essential, it's a borderline health product. However, while most people use sunscreens, not everybody knows how to use these. This means that they're either not using enough, or are not using the right sunscreen type ...
How To Pick The Right Sunscreen For Your Skin Type
Skincare Tips To Be Followed During Swimming
Swimming can be a great workout and just the thing if you're planning to lose some weight, and spend some quality time with the kids. However, it's not the best thing for your skin and hair, and you'll find that even ...
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