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Benefits Of Intercourse During Periods

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Some people are averse to the idea of getting intimate during periods whereas some people think that it isn't safe.

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But there are a few couples who have failed to control themselves during periods and they haven't suffered any serious complications which means it isn't really dangerous to make love during that phase.

Of course, today there are menstrual cups available. They prevent any unnecessary contact with the fluids related to the cycles even when one participates in intercourse.

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So, is it safe to make love during periods? Yes, it is. And there are some benefits too. Here are they...


Fact #1

Contrary to popular opinion, making love during periods doesn't pose any life-threatening risks if both the partners are healthy.


Fact #2

Even gynecologists claim that lovemaking during periods doesn't harm if both the partners are in the right mood, relaxed and are ready to take it till the orgasm.


Fact #3

As intercourse boosts blood flow, inflammation and pain will be reduced. Only when a couple reaches climax, this benefit is applicable.


Fact #4

Some studies claim that an orgasm could also relieve stomach cramps. Generally, some women experience stomach cramps during periods and an orgasm will ease the problem.


Fact #5

As endorphins are released after the climax, the mood gets enhanced and this will reduce the irritation experienced during monthly cycles.


Fact #6

Another benefit is that, the brain chemicals that are released after the intercourse act like pain killers and this will help the woman cope with the periods better.


Fact #7

Also, during periods, there is no need to use lubrication as the fluids keep the privates moist. In fact, some women claim more pleasure when they participate in love making during periods.


Fact #8

A study claims that a percentage of women feel that arousal is effortless when they are undergoing periods.

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