These 7 Smoothies Can Change Your Life

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You know what? It isn't easy to eat healthy. It is boring to eat raw foods whether it is fruits or vegetables. That is why smoothies are preferable. They make life easier.

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You can simply gulp it down and provide your body with enough nutrition. That is the first advantage of smoothies.

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But do you know what ingredients to include in a smoothie? Are there special smoothies for specific purposes? Yes, there are some very good smoothie recipes that work well for different situations. Read on to know about them.


Weight Loss

If you wish to lose weight, mix a plum, peach, pear and a banana in a blender and drink the smoothie.


Before Workout

Are you going for a workout? You need some fuel. Simply add ice, milk, bananas, strawberries and yoghurt to your blender and drink the smoothie!



If you wish to get rid of toxins in your body, drink a smoothie made of beetroot, carrot, banana, pear, apple and ginger.


To Cure Hangover

If alcohol has spoiled your day, blend pomegranate, banana, ginger, yoghurt and almonds and drink the mixture.



Are you wondering what to drink along with your breakfast? Blend oats, almonds, milk, banana, strawberries and yoghurt and drink it after breakfast to power your day. In fact, this smoothie is as good as breakfast.


For Cardio

To fuel your cardio workouts, drink a smoothie made of yoghurt, sesame oil, blackberries and milk. You will feel energetic.



If your immunity needs a boost, you will need yoghurt, chamomile tea, mango, honey and ice in your smoothie.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 28, 2016, 6:15 [IST]
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