A Quick Remedy For Stomach Cramps & Gas

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A bloated stomach could cause lots of discomfort. When you have gas problems, pain in the stomach, intestinal issues or stomach cramps, you can first understand one thing. Something is wrong with your digestive system.

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You must have either eaten unhealthy foods that upset the digestive system or you may have not chewed the food properly or you must have swallowed too much of air while eating food.

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Firstly, you must avoid foods that cause indigestion. Secondly, start eating mindfully, chew your foods carefully and give more attention to it. Now, follow this remedy to get rid of the digestive issues.


You Will Need

To try this remedy, get some ice cubes, a teaspoon of honey, a cup of pineapple pieces, yoghurt, strawberries (1 cup) and a cup of chamomile tea (cold).


How To Prepare

Add all the above ingredients to a blender and keep blending till it gets smooth. Once it is done, enjoy the drink.


What It Does

Chamomile calms you down, yoghurt soothes the intestinal bacteria, pineapple facilitates digestion and you will feel relieved.


Other Steps

Eat fibre-rich foods. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits will keep your digestive health in shape.



Stay away from foods rich in fat as they make your digestive system slow. They also spoil your health in the long run.



Drink lots of water as it helps move things in the body. Also, water helps in eliminating wastes fast and keeps your digestive system clean.

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