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Acupressure For Bloating, Gas, Constipation And Stomach Pain
Acupressure is a technique where practitioners use their fingers, palms, elbows, feet, or specific devices to apply pressure to various essential points of your body. It also involves stretching or massaging [1]. As studies and practitioners point out, acupressure aims to ...
Acupressure For Gas Bloating Constipation

Health Effects Of Gas Leak And How It Can Be Prevented
The styrene gas that got leaked from LG Polymers in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh on Thursday morning has affected over 5,000 people and the death toll mounts to 10. LG Polymers, a chemical plant manufactures polystyrene, high impact polystyrene and coloured polystyrene. ...
COVID-19: Can Farting Spread The Coronavirus?
One of the most common questions asked in the event of coronavirus being declared as airborne in places that use aerosols is, 'can the coronavirus spread through farting?.' As weird as it may sound, health experts assert that it is indeed, ...
Can The Coronavirus Spread Through Farts
Foods That Can Trigger Heartburn
Do you get a sharp pain in the chest after your meals? Are you finding it difficult to catch your breath and have day-time headaches? Do you have an uncomfortable burning sensation in the throat after you wake up? These ...
12 Incredible Health Benefits Of Quince, Nutrition And Recipes
Scientifically termed as Cydonia oblonga, quince is closely related to pears and apples. Rich in minerals and vitamins that can benefit the human body, quince is one of the oldest fruits in existence. The fruit is also termed as golden apple, ...
Quince Nutrition Benefits Recipes
What Causes Flatulence And How Can You Prevent It?
Farting can be caused due to various reasons that can range from the food you eat, the way you eat it, medication, your gut health and so on. In this article, we will discuss the various reasons which lead to the ...
How To Know If Babies Have Gas
The biggest responsibility that one can have in their life is that of nurturing a new life. In most cases (especially in the Indian context), pregnancies are planned. A lot of careful planning and preparedness goes into brining a new life ...
How To Know If Babies Have Gas
How Safe Is Gripe Water For Babies?
From the moment a child is born, she/he becomes the apple of his/her parent's eyes. Indeed, most parents would go to any extent in order to ensure the safety and well-being of their little one. Indeed, it will not be wrong ...
How Safe Is Gripe Water For Babies
Stomach Gas: Causes, Symptoms & Home Remedies
Do you often suffer from gastric problems or is it only after a heavy meal that you suffer from gas? Well, the problem could be mild, painful or severe. A gassy stomach can occur at any time of the day. It ...
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