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COVID-19: Can Farting Spread The Coronavirus?

One of the most common questions asked in the event of coronavirus being declared as airborne in places that use aerosols is, 'can the coronavirus spread through farting?.' As weird as it may sound, health experts assert that it is indeed, a valid question.

A recent report had explored the topic, pointing out that several doctors have discussed the topic of whether or not passing gas has the possibility of spreading the coronavirus disease [1].

Read on to know what health experts have said on the topic.


Can Passing Gas Spread The COVID-19 Virus?

The report states that there is no extensive research on the subject of fart passing the coronavirus. But, one study had stated that farting without pants on could potentially be risky [2]. The report, developed from a discussion between two doctors debated the possibility of flatulence being a medium for the virus, where they said that there are several studies which can be used to suggest that a high number of coronavirus patients show gastrointestinal symptoms [3][4].

"There are no published data on whether flatulence alone presents any risk of transmission, although, in a closed person, it would be unlikely to be a significant route of transmission," said one of the doctors [5].


Flatulence Is An Aerosol-generating Procedure

WHO has previously stated that the coronavirus can stay in an atmosphere where aerosol-generating procedures are conducted, such as that of hospitals [6]. Certain medical procedures produce aerosols that stay in the atmosphere for a longer period of time such as intubation, extubation and related procedures, dental procedures, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Ventilation (CPAP) etc. [7].

With flatulence or fart being an aerosol-generating procedure, there are chances of it being a medium, therefore asserting the doubts to be valid. Studies have asserted that farts do carry microparticles which have the capability of spreading bacteria [8][9]. However, additional thorough research is still needed to identify the intensity of such infections.

The Chinese Centers of Disease Control and Prevention's wing in Tongzhou district had made claims that pants act as a barrier against farts that carry the COVID-19 virus and claimed that farts will not spread the virus if people are wearing pants [10].


On A Final Note…

In conclusion, the doctors said that currently there is a lack of sufficient data to conclude about the dangers of coronavirus transmission while passing gas.

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