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Why Is It Important To Pee Right After Intercourse?

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Being romantic isn't enough. Both men and women may need to know a lot about the health and hygiene of the private parts and the whole reproductive system.

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Certain practices are to be followed in order to avoid infections and pain later on. Yes, infections could make intercourse very painful and therefore, it is better to keep them at bay.

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Why You Should Urinate After Intercourse

One simple thing that almost all women follow is urinating soon after intercourse. This reduces the chance of infection drastically. Now, let us know more facts...


Fact #1

It goes without saying that there are colonies of bacteria in the private parts. These microbes in and around the anus may move a lot during intercourse and may have chances to enter inside the privates. If they reach the urethra, it could cause urinary infection.


Fact #2

After intercourse, it is important to urinate, clean and wipe the privates. This may cleanup the urethra of several impurities and also prevents certain harmful microbes from getting into kidneys or the bladder.


Fact #3

Statistics claim that at least 2 out of every 10 women are prone to urinary tract infections at least once. Urinating after intercourse could reduce the chances of infections.


Fact #4

Health experts say that it is recommended to urinate at least within half an hour after intercourse as passing urine is the only way to throw the unwanted substances that enter the privates during intercourse.


Fact #5

If you experience burning sensation while passing urine, or if you experience the urge to pass urine too many times or the colour of the urine is too dark then it could mean that you have urinary tract infection. Consult a doctor immediately.


Fact #6

Apart from making it a point to urinate soon after the act, it is also important to maintain proper hygiene in order to keep several types of infections at bay.


Fact #7

Using a condom can reduce the chances of infections but still, it is advisable to pass urine after the act.

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