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What Is Bioterrorism?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bioterrorism is a form of biological attack where viruses, bacteria or other germs are intentionally released to sicken or kill animals, people or crops [1]. Termed as an act of ...
What Is Bioterrorism

Best Drinks to Have And Avoid During Pregnancy
Proper hydration is very important during pregnancy. Water is especially needed by the body for many different kinds of functions. Flushing out the toxins, making amniotic fluid, building up body tissues, there is a lot that your pregnant body will require ...
11 Best Juices For Colon Cleansing
The colon or large intestine is a vital part of the gastrointestinal tract. It helps to absorb fluids, nutrients and electrolytes from the digested foods and prepare for the elimination of waste products. Colon also helps maintain the proper bowel movement ...
Best Juices For Colon Cleansing
10 Scary Toxins Found In Cookware You Didn't Know
Have you visited a store to look out for beautiful cookware utensils and almost felt like buying them? It happens with everyone, including me. The cookwares which include pots and pans all look and feel the same. In this article, we ...
Scary Toxins Found In Cookware You Did Not Know
One Remedy To Eliminate Toxins From The Liver
The liver is a very important organ that is in charge of eliminating toxins, burn fat and so on. Hence, having a poor diet and following unhealthy habits can pose a very detrimental effect on the liver's health. When impaired, it takes ...
Is It Good To Eat Fish In Rainy Season?
Is it good to eat fish in rainy season? Fish is considered as one of the best foods that offers many nutrients. But it is not advisable to eat fish during the rainy season. Many surveys on aquatic life report that ...
Is It Good To Eat Fish In Rainy Season
Benefits Of Eating In Silver Vessels!
If you have observed, many Indians still use silver plates to eat and use silver containers to store food. If you have thought that could just be a status symbol then you must know about the benefits of eating in silver ...
8 Natural Ways To Alkalise The Body
Are you wondering how to alkalise your body? Most of the health issues occur when your body loses its acid-alkaline balance. Pesticides, sugary foods, environmental pollution and a lot of other lifestyle factors can leave your system acidic. An acidic system ...
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